Bartenders You Should Know: Angela Montesclaros

Henry’s Majestic has seen more than it share of talent behind its bars, and the newest bar manager is no exception. We’ve had our eye on Angela Montesclaros since she was a bartender at Henry’s Majestic’s sister bar, Atwater Alley. And believe us, she’s way more than a pretty face.

She moved into role end of May and is now overseeing the bars at Henry’s and Atwater. Her challenge when taking the reigns was, well … not to mess up the great thing they had going and to get things ship shape. (Not that she has any trouble with that.) So, to take things a bit further, she challenged herself to recreate a menu that was approachable yet challenged guests’ palates. And, she wanted to allow her entire bar staff to have a say and contribution into the new menu.

Drink of choice at home: always an IPA or a bottle of Cab, but never cocktails (she saves her cocktail making for her patrons!)

Drink of chance at bars: a beer and a shot all day

Favorite drink to make: “Right now, I love spritzes and I’ve always loved Americanos.”

Best skill: making a really refreshing cocktail (exhibit A: her tiki cocktails that are the most shining examples of this)

Make sure to stop in and check out her revamped cocktail menus. For fall and winter, she seemed to be into dark herbs and fruits. “And I love sage all year around.” We’re pretty down with that.

Henry’s Majestic
4900 McKinney Avenue (Uptown)
(469) 893-9400

Atwater Alley
4900 McKinney Avenue (Uptown)
(469) 893-9400