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Salsa Limon – Fort Worth Centro

I’m pretty sure most Fort Worthians (I think that’s what we are called) will agree that Salsa Limon turns out some of the best tacos this side of Arlington. That said, I was really excited to hear that they opened a new location in downtown Fort Worth in the Tower building. This isn’t just a typical Salsa Limon … oh no … because this one serves liquor. Now you can get a margarita or a spiked agua fresca while enjoying the yummy tacos. Blessed be the taco gods.

Salsa Limon is trying to honor and preserve true Mexican taquerias–they use only the freshest ingredients. Their best selling taco is the El Capitan, which just happens to be my personal favorite. A buttery, toasted flour tortilla, Oaxaca-Jack cheese, pickled cabbage, onion, cilantro, and whatever filling you want. BRB I have to go wipe my drool real quick. I’ve always gone with my “safe” order of a Chicken El Capitan, but I got to experience some different meats that might have changed my order. I tried the Tripa for the first time last week, and to my surprise, I enjoyed this Mexican delicacy. If you want to just trust me that it’s really good, but not know what part of the animal it comes from … stop reading now. For those of you who are curious: cow intestine.

Now for the salsa. I may or may not be known to ordering large quantities of their amazing salsa and to keep it in my fridge … but let’s not spread that around. So the tomatillo (my favorite) and piquin are traditional taqueria salas, and the jalapeño and habanero are family recipes. Basically, if you haven’t tried all of their salsas, especially the jalapeño, you must. I personally believe that the range from mild to crazy hot goes a little like this: tomatillo > piquin > jalapeño > habanero. Salsa Limon says that piquin is spicer than the jalapeño, but try it at your own risk.


The difference between this location and the others, as previously mentioned, is that they have booooooze to calm your fired-up taste buds. I would recommend the sour margarita as it’s as pure a margarita as you can get here. All the limes are squeezed by their fun orange juice machine regularly, so it’s fresh fresh fresh. Not into margraitas? You can also add rum, vodka, or gin to their agua frescas. I personally enjoy the hibiscus tea with gin.


Bonus- This location is perfect for late night. I have always felt that downtown Fort Worth was lacking in late night eats- problem solved. They are open till 3 am Friday and Saturday nights. Double bonus- they have a pretty great patio that looks onto the streets of downtown.

Salsa Limon- Centro
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550 Throckmorton Street (Fort Worth)

Monday- Thursday: 7am-10pm
Friday- Saturday: 7am-3am
Sunday: 7am-9pm


Old Chicago Mockingbird Station

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom celebrated its first birthday in Dallas since its opening on December 8, 2014 in Mockingbird Station. On December 11th, they hosted a birthday bash with live music, giveaways, and more for the attendees. On December 13th, I attended a media luncheon, where media supporters of Old Chicago were invited to experience their full menu and really extensive beer selection. Additionally, they invited us to experience their limited run of Blue Moon’s Gingerbread Spiced Ale and Martin House’s Pretzel Stout.


Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom’s Dallas location boasts 36 beers on tap–some unique, some usuals, and some locals–and a menu of handcrafted appetizers, salads, entrees and amazing pizza that will satisfy any craving.


I first discovered Old Chicago in Arizona with my wife and was immediately hooked. In the three months that we lived in there, we consumed more of their pizza than was socially acceptable. (It didn’t stop us.)  It seems Susie’s had a similar issue avoiding their Italian Nachos.

There are some of the things that make Old Chicago unique:
1) SERVICE: they have excellent service and you’re always greeted kindly at the door.
2) QUALITY: their pizzas are handcrafted and made from scratch every day.
3) LOCAL CONNECTIONS: it always feels like a local pizza joint though there are quite a few locations all over the United States. Their selections of local craft beers really emphasize a connection to the community. Some of the Dallas location’s taps include selections from Lakewood Brewing, Deep Ellum Brewing and Revolver. (Their Friday happy hour beer special is always a Texas beer of the week.)
4) LATE NIGHT: they’re open until 2am every night!!!


During this event, I sampled the Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls (amazing and very highly recommended) and my personal favorite, the Double Deckeroni Pizza. This pizza is the reason I fell in love with Old Chicago in the first place. It has all the cheese, pepperoni and hot sauce you could dream of in a deep-dish pizza. Other samplings included the Ale Crust Italian Grinder pizza, Hand-Tossed Chicken Wings, and more.

This was an excellent experience, and I want to thank the General Manager, Dan Childers, and their local marketing coordinator, Esther Hirsch, for inviting our team to join. If you haven’t already done so, head over to Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and experience the great food, atmosphere and staff for yourself! Beer selections and pizza choices, along with other dining options, can be found at Old Chicago’s online menu. Also ask about the World Beer Tour, which rewards members for enjoying 110 of the best craft beers locally and across the globe.


OLD CHICAGO PIZZA & TAPROOM | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Mockingbird Station (5319 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 100)

This event also featured a new amazing bakery in town, Tricia’s Treats, who surprised us all with a personalized cupcake for each attendee. I know we will be seeing great things from them in the future!