Dallas Happy Hour Bingo

Loyal readers of Susie Drinks Dallas are well aware of our coverage of happy hours specials all around Dallas, but with so many options at your disposal, how can you possibly narrow down which places to grab a couple of beverages at after a long day at the office?

Bars and lounges usually have different specials every night, which does make our lives a little easier. Although if you’re the adventurous type and don’t mind mixing things up a bit, here’s a little bingo game that you can play with your fellow happy hour going friends.

A game of chance is exactly what we need for a little spontaneity in our nightlife habits, and as much as bingo takes a lot of heat for being a pastime for grandmothers, the game’s recent comeback has shown a surprising turnout among millennials growing more fond of all things vintage. Along with knitting, bowling and other pursuits, the Wall Street Journal explains that bingo is one of the latest old-school pastimes experiencing a resurgence among young people, giving rise to the number of players in brick and mortar bingo halls as well as online portals. Keeping with the steady growth in bingo gamers, companies such as Gala Bingo have even started offering a week’s worth of free bingo games for new users, and who doesn’t love anything that’s free? Additionally, they’ve have run various promotions like ‘Tone Up’ to keep users fit while playing, and partnered with various celebrities to tap into the millennial demographic.

From there, the game has since lent itself to a number of themes, essentially giving bingo a number of lifestyle applications. For the fashion bloggers, there was Wardrobe Bingo, and for gym rats, there was Fitness Bingo, and for those obsessed with 2 for 1 cocktail and beer promos, along with bottomless mimosas, there is Dallas Happy Hour Bingo.

To play, you’ll need to pick 25 different establishments that you’ve never been to (or at least places whose happy hour specials you haven’t tried). Once you’ve got those, you can either randomize your card through Print Bingo or create your own and attach images with each for some visual appeal. Each time you need to figure out where to go for drinks, randomly select an item on your card and cross it out once you’ve had their happy hour beverages. Play it with a group of friends, and whoever gets a pattern gets treated the next time you’re all out.