Everything the Perfect Home Bar Should Have

Written by a Guest Contributor

When hosting friends or for those quiet nights in, having the perfect home bar set up is a slice of luxury that everyone should have.

We all love getting dressed up and heading out for the night with friends to a plush restaurant or bar, especially on a Friday or Saturday night without the worry of work in the morning. However, every now and then it’s nice to stay in and enjoy a quiet night in or invite guests round for a celebration or casual get-together.

It is for these occasions when a home bar setup comes in handy and is the perfect centrepiece. The best part is, you can stock up your cabinets with the alcohol and liquor of your choosing – if something doesn’t take your fancy, it’s off the menu, and your favourite is always special. Inside the bar, you could also have some traditional bar equipment, such as a jukebox or the best foosball table in the world. That would make the experience even better for guests. Everyone loves having a choice of activities in the bar, so your home bar should be no different. Foosball tables are often a favorite, so make sure to try and find one of them.

Proper Furniture
The first thing is to ensure you have the proper furniture for your home bar, a specialised and dedicated cabinet and/or sideboard is a must. Your bar must not have any other use; it should be exclusively kept for a drink – i.e. kept clear of children.

You are not going to want something too big, or anything too small that you cannot fit all of your drink and barware. Consider what you will be including in your home bar – what types of liquor and how much? Also, take into consideration the size of bottles you will be stored as such items should be stored safely; otherwise, you run the risk of shattered glass along the floor. All great bars would be incomplete without leather furniture. If you’re looking to maintain your leather seating, see here to learn about cleaning bonded leather.

Stock – Pick your Favourites
Once you have decided on your furniture and know exactly how much room you have to play with, it is time to stock up your home bar with your personal preferences. If you are planning to invite friends round from time to time, it might be worth investing in popular favourites, even if they might not be your personal preference.

For beer lovers, a mini-fridge to store bottles or cans is ideal – after all, the best way to serve beer is cold – and wine connoisseurs might look to install a rack in a cool and dry area behind the bar. If your taste is for something a little stronger, gins and spirits are easily stored in a cabinet and served with ice.

With a home bar, you can take the opportunity to experiment with mixing drinks – a popular talent for any barman, especially when impressing guests.

With your favourite tipple of choice in stock, the correct barware is an essential finishing touch – the correct glass must be used depending on the drink. You simply would not serve wine in a pint beer glass.

Glasses do not have to cost the earth and can be bought for a reasonably price; popular bar favourites include LSA glassware which is handmade for an extra classy look. If your bar focuses predominantly on wine then the glasses you buy must match the types of wines – believe it or not, the shape of the glass does have an effect on the taste of the drink.

The last thing any good home bar needs is rules that should be obeyed. As already touched upon, the bar should not be used for anything other than drinks – do not allow children to play around the bar due to the number of breakable glass items.

Keep your bar setup neat and tidy, do not allow clutter to gather and never leave dirty glasses on the side. As soon as you are finished with your glasses, get them washed up and put back into their designated space ready for future use.

The perfect home bar setup should not be difficult or expensive to achieve. With these simple steps, you, too, will also be able to enjoy the benefits of your favourite bar in the comfort of your own home.