Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

If there are two things I know for certain: it’s that it’s hot as balls outside and that pizza is the best thing that God made.  (Only one of those is constant.)

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company (GAPCo) is the little pizza shop on Lowest Greenville that has supplied drunkards with the perfect late night food generously sprinkled with Pizza Crack (more on that later) since 2007.  This food isn’t just any drunk food … it’s good enough to even eat sober.  The owner, Sammy Mandell, spent the evening with our group and told us about his baby on Lowest Greenville that has gone from a small pizza shop to a rebranded, refurnished restaurant that was named one of the top 100 highest grossing pizzerias in the U.S. this past year.  By which I’m not surprised at all because everything in GAPCo is made by hand–from the dough to their ranch.*  The employees, from management to delivery drivers, are 100% behind Sammy and the brand and they support the shop and each other in spades.  In fact, Sammy’s wife, Molly, not only takes charge of their snarky social media channels, but also rolled GAPCo’s meatballs for years.  (They were even dubbed “Mollyballs”!)

BOOZE INFO: GAPCo offers Texas craft beers (uhhh and some wine)–Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Martin House Brewing Company, Cedar Creek, Saint Arnold, Shiner, and Eastciders dry cider.   I mean … what’s possibly better than a cold beer and pizza when it’s 100º outside?  (Maybe just following it up with a Steel City Pop from across the street.)

We’ll get to the pizza, but we have to chat about some of their other items first.  (Because once pizza enters the conversation, that’s all there really is.)  If you’ve never branched out past pies here, you’re missing out.  The first thing that hit the table was a GIANT meatball and garlic knot.  The Meatballs are 81/19 beef (the texture is perfect), lovingly hand-packed, and served with marinara sauce that takes five hours to make.

Their salads are delicious, fresh, crisp, and unique.  The Brutus Salad was their take on a Caesar salad without being drenched in heavy dressing or sporting the cliche croutons (take a basic chicken Caesar salad, then add tortilla strips, diced jalapeños, and jalapeño Caesar dressing).  The Italian Salad–romaine, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, parmesan, shallot vinaigrette dressing–was quite good, but I’d stick with the Brutus on my next visit.

Now, a pizza place with salads options … that’s super expected.  But … a pizza place with wings good enough to stand on their own is a diamond in the rough.  I don’t know if I’d ever attempt these spicy pieces of chicken goodness after a couple drinks, but sober, I’d eat the shit out of these fried Hot Buffalo Wings and would only pause to find a napkin and make sure my lips were still intact.  And that aforementioned homemade ranch … it kind of makes these transcendent.  The Lemon Pepper Wings had a perfect crisp to them if you’re into that not-as-saucy situation and the lemon flavor in the seasoning is surprisingly refreshing.

Hot Buffalo Wings

No … for the main event: the pizza.  I think Bill Murray said it best when he said, “Unless you are a pizza, the answer is ‘yes, I can live without you.’”  Amen, brother.

GAPCo’s pizza, like its other menu items, are made with homemade ingredients.  You can TASTE the love in these slices.  The fresh cheese, delicious meats, veggies, and more come together in a beautiful symphony of flavors and crispiness.  Have it drunk and you’ll never ask your Uber driver to take you through the Whataburger drive-though again.  The pieces hold up nicely without that sad wilting effect brought on by too much grease and not enough “crusture”.  (Crust structure … it’s going to be a thing.)

I think it was all over for me when I had my first bite of the Supreme Pizza–pepperoni, ham, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, bacon, and olives.  I mean … the bacon wasn’t just any bacon; it was just thick enough to really stand out in a crowded pizza but not feel like you’re missing a helping of eggs.  (And once that Pizza Crack hits the cheese, you know it’s all over.)

Their famous Pizza Crack is made with garlic, salt, and their special mix of spices.  Apparently they sell enough of this stuff that they’ve started selling jars of it.  Full disclosure: a jar of this was one of the first things in the cabinet at my new condo.

Stay tuned to GAPCo for more new offerings coming up … they have a great product and are finding more ways to evangelize to the people of Dallas.  Recently, GAPCo came out of the cover of night and they’re now open for lunch.  The lunch special is $10 for a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, caesar salad, and a fountain drink.  (And they’ll start offering brunch in August!)

GREENVILLE AVENUE PIZZA COMPANY | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
1923 Greenville Ave (Lowest Greenville)
(214) 826-5404

open for lunch daily at 11am
open for dine-in and delivery until:
– 1am on Mondays
– 3am Tuesday – Thursday
– 4am on weekends

*Unlike some places … they don’t discriminate against ranch-eaters.  (We’re people, too–we just happen to be Texans.)