Holiday Gift Guide 2016


1. Bosch Lithium Ion Screwdriver with Corkscrew Attachment | When you’re a little DIY and a little thirsty., ~$90

2. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup | Breakfast has never looked so good … this limited edition USDA Organic pure maple syrup is aged in bourbon barrels, so it has 2% ABV.
Kroger or, $19.95/375 mL

3. Basil Hayden’s x Slow North Barman’s Candle Set | Basil Hayden’s Bourbon teamed up with some artisans to make some limited edition holiday gifts.  This set of candles came from Slow North and is soy wax poured in copper holders, and only 100 of them were made.  The scents compliment the nose of Basil Hayden’s–“Warm Welcome” and “High Spirits”., $75

4. Absolut Elyx Copper Coupe Gift Set |  Get luxe with a set copper coupes to compliment your Elyx martini.  (Their copper motif is inspired by the vintage copper stills they use to produce Elyx.  Like their other drinking vessels, for every set sold, they’ll help Water For People provide one month of safe water to someone in need., $79.95 for two
Need a less luxe version? Pier 1 Imports has a similar coupe for a touch less. Pier 1, $14.95

5. Essential Cocktail: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks | The author, Dale DeGroff, is said to be the godfather of classic cocktails and almost singlehandedly responsible for the resurgence of cocktails.  This book holds recipes for “100 essential drinks and 100 of their best variations” and is the perfect start for someone trying to appreciate the classics and the art behind the bar.  Let the education begin …, $24

6. GrowlerWerks uKeg | Growlers are super convenient, but it’s so much pressure to drink all that beer before it goes flat.  Enter the uKeg that holds 64 ounces of beer and keeps it cold and fresh for WEEKS., $159

7. Redbreast | How about a nice glass of 12 year?  Redbreast’s 12 Year Old is a perfect gift for a whisky lover thanks to its unique “Christmas cake” flavor.  The sweet notes are thanks to its time aged in Oloroso sherry casks and the finish is long and complex., $52

8. Cocktail Inspired Lip Balm Trio | This all-natural lip balm trio is inspired by classic cocktails with flavors like Tiki scented with mandarin oil., $22

9. Tarot Card Cocktails | Can’t decide what you’d like to drink next?  Leave it up to the of gods of fate with this Tarot-inspired 30-card deck., $24

10. Kikkerland Maraca Cocktail Shaker | Shake shake shake … shake your booze thing.  While it doesn’t hold but 250mL, the beech wood and stainless steel will definitely get you grooving., $23

11. Patrón en Lalique, Serie 1 | This limited edition is a first-time collaboration between Lalique and Patrón Tequila where only 500 bottles were made.  The 4-year extra anejo tequila is decidedly complex with notes of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit and the bottle … well, it’s a work of art from the French crystal artisans at Lalique.
Available in select duty-free shops, $7,200/750mL, 40% ABV

BONUS GIFT: For that finicky foodie or brainy bartender, get them in on the ground floor of the coolest new kitchen and bar gadget around, the Spinzall, from Booker and Dax’s cocktail chemist, Dave Arnold.  It’s a centrifuge that takes the place of the $8,000 equipment usually required and cuts down the time required to make flavored oils, clarify juices, separate fats, and more.  Read more about the Spinzall and help them raise the money to produce the appliances on the link below., $699