Angry Dog

All the way down in Deep Ellum, beside St. Pete’s, a quiet evening amongst friends began with cheap wells and drafts and a plate of chicken wings. As we recapped our days, our blast-of-a-waiter, Vincent, entertained us with his attempt at a German accent.

The night was filled with Angry Dogs (the namesake of the chow joint, a fully loaded hot dog complete with a side of beans! Not the angry, biting dog that might send you on a trip to Stewart Law Offices) and drinks. Not Their alcohol spread is impressive but know that they don’t consider Franconia domestic – even though it’s made in McKinney!

The crowd wasn’t what one would expect from Deep Ellum because Angry Dog is loved by all and it’s reputation reaches quite far. Give it a chance and definitely make sure you put plenty of nickels in the meters, though … the meter maids in that neck of the woods are vicious (two of our four cars got $35 parking tickets for expired meters – one only by 8 minutes!).

Drink strength: 3
Overall: 4

Angry Dog
2726 Commerce Street | (214) 741-4406

Monday – Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $2.50 domestic drafts, $3.50 premium drafts, $3 house wine, $2.50 house cocktails

amster-DAMN bar (Closed)

With the places I’ve spent time in Dallas, Exposition Park was new to me.  The drive down there from my office and finding parking was a bit stressful (my friends did the smart thing and took the Green Line which stops right across the street from A.B.)  but when I arrived, a drink was promptly shoved into my hand and we ventured out onto the roomy patio.

The patio has quite a bit of “potential”; the night we went it was a bit cool but I can imagine how nice it would be on a beautiful Dallas Spring day.  We caught up and sipped our cheap(ish) drinks … and then another drink … and then another.  It’s the kind of place you get caught up and spend a bit too long drinking (in a good way).

The waiter was nice enough to bring drinks out to our table since we were the lone group braving the chilly wind.  He was quite friendly, also.

Check out their blog … it’s so incredibly random but interesting.

Thumbs up:  fun area, pizza place right next door, Green Line is WAY convenient, AMAZING music, fun decor

Drink strength:  3.5
Overall:  4

The Amsterdam Bar
831 Exposition Avenue – Dallas, Texas 75226 | (214) 827-3433

Monday-Friday | 2:30-7 p.m.  | $1 off drafts & wells
Tuesday | $3 pints
Wednesday | Motorcycle Night | drink discounts if you show up on a crotch rocket!


So many people have emailed asking me to review Louie’s … but bad news: Louie’s doesn’t have drink specials, so it’s not completely in my wheelhouse.  Sorry!

Their pizza, drink strength, and people watching is great, though.

Make sure you have cash or an AMEX on you, it’s all they take.  Don’t get mushrooms on your pizza; they’re fresh, not cooked.  Also, know what you want and don’t put the wait staff out too much; they’re cranky.

1839 North Henderson Avenue | (214) 826-0505‎

no bull

Pulling up to Cock and Bull (which is quite hidden) I knew I was in for an experience.  Anyone who has been hasn’t just been … they all seemed to have frequented the place for a time.  When I walked in and saw a group of regulars doing shots of Sambuca with the bartender, I knew I was home.

The service was snappy (really snappy) and the waitresses checked on us often.  The booths were really only the least bit tattered and had the look that they’d smell if you got too close.  Try not to use the bathrooms if you can help it.

We went on a Monday and Mondays are the night of the $9.50 burger and draft deal.  Who could ask for more than a great burger and draft deal with many choices of both drafts and burgers (I had the one with mushrooms and it was deLIGHTful).

In short, a pretty ok night in a fun area.  Give Cock and Bull a try … especially if it’s in your neighborhood.

Extras:  free WiFi, 1 TV (if they let you turn it on)

Drink strength:  2.5 
Overall: 3

Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub
6330 Gaston Avenue
(214) 841-9111

Sunday| Stella Artois $4, Blue Plate Special $6 
Monday | Burger and Draft $9.50, wells $2.50 
Tuesday| Domestic Bottles $2.50, ½ Price Appetizers (axcept cheese plates)
Wednesday | ½ Price Wine by the Glass, cheese Plate $8, Heineken $3 
Thursday | Guinness/Harp $4, Irish Car Bomb $5

villa-oh my gosh, yum

This organic cafe knows how to do brunch!  I’ve been known to lose track of time when at bars, but this was a brunch that lasted 3-1/2 hours.  Let’s be for real, though … how could anyone turn down brunch, nay, brunch with bottomless drinks for a reasonable price?  Definitely not me.

While I waited a hot 2 minutes by the front door for the host to acknowledge me, he was very friendly when he did and led me to a plush booth toward the back of the blue-and-white restaurant.  This restaurant has been host to many-a work dinners and various other meals and events, and I seem to have a completely experience each time.

On a Monday they offer a free 2-course meal (full servings, no kidding) and it will only cost you the tip.  Though you can get caught with this by ordering drinks and dessert, it’s still a fantastic deal.  Get one sfuzzi and your night is made – it’ll get you festive.

Sundays are brilliant because you can mix-and-match.  Having to choose one drink to be your bottomless choice is almost like choosing a husband … one flavor for an entire meal?  No, thanks.  Luckily Villa O is liberal with their choices and their portions.

The food at Villa O is very good and, as I mentioned, the portions are large so an entree can fill you up and leave you enough to take home for a midnight snack.  The bread, though, is the crowning glory of this restaurant.  I could be happy for the rest of my life with their bread basket and bottomless choices.

Drink strength: 3 (except for the sfuzzi which gets a 4.5!)
Overall: 4

Villa O
4514 Travis Street
(214) 780-1880

Sunday | til 3 p.m. | bottomless drinks (your choice of mimosas, sfuzzis, bloody marys, or bellinis) $8 | kids eat free all day
Monday | free 2-course meal
Wednesday | 1/2 price wine
Thursday | $3 drinks for SMU students only


Smoke replaced Cliff Cafe not too long ago and I couldn’t wait to try it.  I should have, though.  The tortuous route there due to two different wrecks started our day off on a bad note and the bbq restaurant had the potential to turn things around … but didn’t.

We were greeted by a host suited in overalls, a plaid shirt, and a sport coat – a surprising combination but he owned it.  We were led to a table in the back corner and had to step over AV equipment.  Sitting down, the tablecloths were topped with brown paper; a cozy touch but it proved to be annoying because it got caught every time I tried to move my arm.

We were delighted to hear that there was a mimosa deal so we each ordered a glass and began our mission to have a Sunday funday kicked off with bottomless mimosas.  They were strong and pretty darn good … but weren’t refilled quickly; we had to ask twice to get refills.  Finally, at the end of the meal we were given a pitcher.

Now for the service and food:  the menus were awesome – if you want to order family style, you fill out a scantron sheet.  Sounds efficient but we somehow got a wrong side, an extra 1/2 order of ribs, and were even charged wrong in the end.  Skip the beans – they tasted disgusting (the waiter even pulled a face when he tasted one).  Also, don’t bother with the “fresh out of the oven” biscuits because they came out cold in the middle and the pot holding the jelly they claim to make fresh every day was empty.  To top it all off … it was really expensive.

A friend actually made the comment when they started setting up the AV equipment that if the music is as good as the food we had better get out of there quickly.  Bottom line:  I would have been a lot happier if they just left Cliff Cafe there.

Extras:  large room with a pool table, plenty of parking, great view of Dallas from the Belmont Hotel, and a hotel conveniently located next door if you have too much to drink

Drink strength: 4 
Overall: 2

Monday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $1.50 off all drinks
Sunday | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $11 bottomless mimosas

901 Fort Worth Avenue (beside the Belmont Hotel)
(214) 393-4141‎

Susie knows all things boozy …