Pinstack: Bowling, Bites, and Brews

I have a confession to make: from time to time, I exhibit symptoms of DADHD (that’s Drinking Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for the un-afflicted). Some evenings, I am perfectly content sitting on a relaxing patio, sipping on a tasty cocktail, and feeling the breeze in my hair (and subsequently detaching my tresses from my sticky/glossy lips, but that’s another story #girlproblems). BUT, on other occasions, I get restless … antsy … fidgety … and compulsive phone checking may or may not commence. I need something more. Enter: Pinstack! Boasting 50,000 sq ft of drinking, dining, bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, a ropes course, and games-galore, Pinstack is basically the answer to my DADHD prayers.

Right about now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Ok, I’ve been to a couple of these ‘bowling and more’ spots, and they seem to be pretty interchangeable.” Nope, nope, nope. I am here to tell you, Pinstack is not like the “other guys”. Admittedly, most of the bowling/entertainment complexes I’ve visited in the past have felt as though the proprietor decided to open a bowling alley, and “Oh, I guess that means we’ll need to offer some sort of food and drink as an afterthought.” At Pinstack, you’ll feel as though you are visiting a top -notch restaurant and bar, which just so happen to be attached to an amazing entertainment complex.


First, high praise goes to Pinstack for strategically locating their main bar, restaurant, and patio (yes, patio!)  in an area that’s largely offset from the bowling and entertainment areas of the building. If not for the tell-tale bowling pin art adorning the walls, it would be easy to forget you are, in fact, at a bowling alley. (But what’s a guy or gal to do if they require a drink refill…or three…while bowling? Worry not, friends, as Pinstack provides lane-side food and beverage service, and access to a secondary bar located in the heart of Bowling Land!) The sprawling bar area is adorned with numerous jumbo screen TVs that would give any sports bar a run for its money. The large, covered patio is equipped with a number of high-powered fans to keep you cool, and on Thursday and Friday evenings, you can catch live acoustic music sets from 6:00-10:00 PM.

Logistical considerations are just the icing on the cake in considering what makes Pinstack so gosh darn appealing. Behind the well-appointed bar, they are serving up an impressive variety of libations. For starters, Pinstack’s drink menu features a dozen tempting craft cocktails. I had an opportunity to try the Gin Smash- Farmer’s Gin, fresh lemon juice, mint, honey, & Bar Keep Apple Bitters ($12). This cocktail was light, refreshing, and well-balanced, with a perfect ratio of sweet, sour, and minty goodness. I also sampled the Cello Mule– Tito’s Vodka, Limoncello, fresh lime juice, & Gosling’s Ginger Beer ($13), which was about as delightful as a summer breeze.

As much as I enjoyed my cocktails (which was a lot…), I think I was even more excited to learn of another alcoholic option Pinstack has to offer: beer & wine flights, my friends. Oh, yes. I will forever be a sucker for the tasting flight, and Pinstack serves up beer and wine tasting trios- curated by you- for just $7 and $9, respectively. In addition to a variety of domsetics and imports, Pinstack features 10 local rotator taps for your sipping pleasure. On the vino front, Pinstack is pouring six interesting selections by the cask, in addition to a wide variety of bottle/glass offerings.


As you can see, Pinstack’s beverage offerings are a far cry from your familiar plastic bowling alley pitcher of PBR. Well, guess what: The quality and creativity of Pinstack’s edible offerings are equally impressive. Pinstack has rolled out a new spring menu, and I had the opportunity to politely sample (read: I totally stuffed my face) a few of their delectable offerings. First, I want to talk about the Party Platter, which isn’t for the faint of heart. This bad boy serves 6-8, and comes fully loaded with loaded potato skins, fried mozzarella, chips and salsa, FRIED MAC N’ CHEESE POPS with a tomato basil dipping sauce (what?!), and some plump n’ juicy chicken wangs ($36). Everything I tasted on this (freaking massive) platter was delicious, but those mac n’ cheese pops? They were the star of the show- and yes, you can order them a la carte for 9 well spent bucks. We munched on a beautiful artisan Meat and Cheese Board ($11), which was generously appointed and encompassed some interesting and tasty selections ( Red pepper crusted goat cheese balls? Yes, please).

The entree I was most impressed with was the Stack Mac Burger ($13), which is admittedly not for the faint of heart. Remember that fried mac’ n cheese I mentioned earlier? Stick it on top of a burger, and slather the whole thing in tomato basil sauce … and, yeah. You get the picture. Other decadent entree offerings include a 12 oz. Ribeye ($24), a Grownup Grilled Cheese ($9), and a number of unconventional pizza offerings, like the Honey Bee ($12)topped with Italian sausage, black forest ham, and you guessed it, honey.  If you find yourself in search of a *slightly* lighter dish (you know, the stuff I should be eating given my impending nuptials), you might give some consideration to the Blackened Mahi Mahi ($19), topped with a pineapple pico and a sweet chili glaze, plated atop Jasmine riceAnother lovely lighter option is the Spring Greens Salad ($9), featuring goat cheese, candied pecans, grapes, and a champagne vinaigrette- topped with chicken or salmon, if you are so inclined.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? Allow me tell you a little bit about the variety of entertainment options you will find available, once you manage to peel yourself away from Pinstack’s enticing bar area. Pinstack offers 28 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, 20 of which are public and 8 private (perfect for parties and corporate events). That being said, bowling is just the beginning. Pinstack also features a two-story laser tag arena … who doesn’t love laser tag? (seriously, if you can’t having fun playing laser tag, please escort yourself here?) They also offer a bumper car arena if you’re feeling a little rambunctious, a high ropes course, towering 20 feet above the arcade area, and a 28 foot LED rock wall … if you’re feeling a little adventurous.  Speaking of the arcade area, Pinstack offers a pretty insane variety of state of the art games and novelties, and they own a few games that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, like their brand spankin’ new Jurassic Park game. They also have a claw machine game where you can win Ben & Jerry’s. What more do I really need to say?

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Pinstack hosts Happy Hour Monday- Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM

  • $1 off draft beers
  • $5 cask wines
  • $5 margaritas

Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday – 11:00 AM – Midnight
Friday – 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM