2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Boozy Advent Calendars
We’ve all done the chocolate calendar, but this is a fun twist to gift to the alcohol aficionado in your life.  Each little door reveals a 3cL sample of different alcohol (you can pick whisky or gin).  By December 24, you’ll have swigged 72cL of delicious spirits .  BONUS: one whisky door holds a 50 year old single malt Scotch.  This gives the term “holiday spirit” a whole new meaning.  Order ASAP so they don’t miss a day!

$128.01 (gin) or $240.08 (whisky) per calendar

alcohol advent calendar


BevShots Scarf
Why not make your drink a fashion statement?  Bevshots has items, from coasters to canvas prints, adorned with your favorite drink’s picture … magnified.  The scarves are large enough to be worn many ways and are available in many different drink prints (shown on the right in “Black Russian”).

$44.99 per scarf (currently on sale for $37.99)
Bevshots.com or (

bevshots scarf

The Original Whiskey Ball
A whiskey ball maker is a staple for any whiskey drinker’s bar (err … freezer?).  A larger piece of ice means your beverage will stay cold longer, without melting the ice as fast (therefore, no more watery whiskey!)  I have a set of these and LOVE them.  I always keep a couple frozen balls on-hand … because you never know when Don Draper could stop by.

$23.95 (set of two molds)
(a cheaper alternative to last year’s)

Original Whiskey Ball

ALTUZARRA Collection from the Target + Nieman Marcus CFDA Collaboration
A luxurious-looking glass makes a drink taste more intriguing (or does it?).  Get a great set of glasses from Zara Home.  Take a tip from Southern Living and mix-and-match!

Black Tray – $79.99, Double Old Fashioned Glasses – $49.99 (set of 4), Cocktail Shaker $49.99
Target stores starting December 1 or on Target.com starting December 1 at 12:01am


Homemade Infused Liquors
A personal and thoughtful gift.  Use your imagination to come up with flavors.  Southern Living’s Apple Pie Infused Bourbon sounds tasty, no?  Here’s how I made it.

Get unique bottles from SpecialtyBottle.com 

Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle
C’est magnifique!  Available in gold or chrome, this statement piece has been souped-up and made functional (well, functional for a boozehound).  At Fashion Week in NY this year, Cynthia Rowley showed off these boozy bangles in her Spring 2013 line … and I swooned.  If anyone wants to gift one of these to me in gold, I’d be forever grateful.

$225 per bangle


A never-fail gift, giving someone a thoughtfully-chosen spirit is sure to raise his.  My go-to liquor store is Sigel’s on Greenville.  Ask for Ruben.  Don’t forget the bow.

Sigel’s, 5757 Greenville Ave