Spirit of America Bourbon Whiskey

In the wonderful, wide world of alcohol, you’d be hard-pressed to think of another drinking tradition that is more inherently American than traditional hand-crafted bourbon whiskey. After all, Americans have been sipping on the stuff since the 1820s when it originated in either Kentucky or Louisiana (no one can seem to agree), making it practically as all-American as apple pie and baseball. Spirit of America,  produced by Hobson & Roberts Distilling Company, has taken this notion a step further; when you purchase a bottle of their handcrafted bourbon whiskey, they donate $1 to Hope for the Warriorsmaking your enjoyment of their award winning spirit practically patriotic.

Spirit of America (ABV 43%/ 86 Proof) is distilled in a unique mash bill featuring 51% corn, 45% wheat, and 4% malted barley; no rye grain to be found. It is produced “grain to glass,” chill-filtered, blended, and bottled at the company-owned distillery in Indianapolis, IN.

You now know you can feel warm and fuzzy about your purchase of Spirit of America, but let’s ask the honest question: Is it any good? The distillers were kind enough to send me a bottle to find out for myself; I am happy to tell you, the answer is a resounding, “YAAAASSSSS!!”

Spirit of America bourbon has a notably warm aroma, with hints of vanilla, toasted oak, spice, and sweet caramel. This whiskey is silky smooth and surprisingly mellow on the palate, with a notable sweetness suggestive of vanilla, caramel, and honey. The finish is short and sweet. I found this to be an excellent “sipping whiskey,” which is high praise coming from a gal who doesn’t routinely sip whiskey. (If this endorsement makes you nervous, I can assure you my husband, who does routinely sip whiskey (among other things), whole-heartedly agreed. He was also a big fan).


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ABV 43% / 86 Proof