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Each time I try a new place, I walk in with a flurry of excitement and my taste buds standing at attention.  My expectations are usually a little high, but with DISH they were matched.

On my first visit here, I was with a group of nine taking advantage of the Yelp! Eats deal ($25 for three courses à la KERA Restaurant Week – and yes, this was quite a while ago) and DISH was our restaurant of choice.  Dinner was at 6 p.m., Wicked was at 8 p.m. … and that apparently wasn’t a great plan.  After reminding our waitress multiple times and urging her to quicken her step, we still missed the first scene.  Despite the somewhat slow service, our waitress was very nice and suggested some great cocktails and food choices.

We all agreed on some flatbread for the table and that was the best choice we made all night!  The mushroom flatbread was to-die AND was half off – it doesn’t get better than that.  As for the salads, they are fresh and nicely presented but watch out for the juicy tomatoes … they may squirt and ruin your neighbor’s new, white shirt (sorry, Brando!).  The food menu has a wide range of options from pasta to short ribs that fall apart and will haunt your dreams they are so good.  It is their take on comfort food.

As for drinks, they have very inventive drinks that they have dubbed “culinary inspired drinks”.  If you’re looking for a sweet drink, try the Prairie Pomegranate Mojito, the Kiss & Tell, or the Strawberry Basil Margarita.  For more masculine options, go for a Manhattan becase the whole bar menu is skewed sweet.

The restaurant itself is very edgy.  The decore is quite innovative and, be prepared, the bathrooms are coed.  Most everyone there is interested in men anyway, so it doesn’t get awkward.  The wait staff is, on the whole, incredibly hospitable.  On my second visit, which was for a friend’s birthday, they brought a round of champagne for the table and a complimentary dessert.  Not too shabby.

Extra tip:  Parking is really difficult around the restaurant so definitely have a couple bucks so you can valet.

Go in with deep pockets and an appetite, you’ll need both.  Save room for dessert.

Drink strength: 4
Overall: 4.3

www.dish-dallas.com | @dish4123
4123 Cedar Springs Road | (214) 522-3474
8611 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite 100 | (214)363-3474

Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m. & Thursday, 9-11 p.m.
$2 off specialty cocktails, $4 calls, 1/2 price flatbread

this review is brought to you by the letter P.

The original article can be found on QUICKDFW.com.


You might feel like ordering up a cream soda instead of a vodka soda when you walk into the Stoneleigh P. This 37-year-old bar used to be a pharmacy (that’s where it gets its “P”), and it still carries the vibe of an old-school soda shop — glass displays lining the perimeter of the seating area, a magazine bank stocked with reading material and swivel stools at the long wooden bar.

But don’t worry: It has all the touches of a modern bar. If you accidentally brush the knee of the cute boy next to you, chances are he’ll buy you a drink with one straw, not two.

The P boasts an SMU-heavy crowd Thursday through Saturday, but it never seems too packed or boisterous. Though, you may have to squeeze your way through the entry, where people tend to congregate.

It’s also an ideal spot to use as a compromise with your sports friends. There are just enough TVs peppered around the place, so those who are interested won’t miss a play. Those who aren’t can nosh on good food or play pool, and still earn points for going to “watch” the game.

As for the service, let’s be honest: It’s not great. I’d go as far as to say it’s poor at times. I’ve been a patron for a few years, and can’t remember an instance in which I waited less than five minutes for a drink on a busy night. Also, check your ticket before you close out. While the drinks aren’t pricey — some beers will only set you back $2.50 — I’ve found that they can occasionally lose track of how many were ordered.

So, you may ask why I keep going back. Well, aside from the tasty pub grub (we’ll get to that later), it’s that entertaining crowd. The patrons always seem to be friendly and approachable, meaning you won’t have a hard time making conversation when you belly up to the bar.

What people are wearing: You might find a slew of dressed-up partiers, since the P is known as the standard pre- and post-formal/wedding/event spot for younger 20-somethings. If you want to find girls ordering Miller Lites in next season’s looks, this is the place to go. You’ll find a more casually clad crew on Sunday afternoons or during happy hour.

The drink: It’s all about the mixed drinks and bottled beer, so don’t rock the boat. Mixed drinks tend to go in one of two directions — incredibly strong, or without enough alcohol to taste. It depends on which bartender serves you and how quickly you can spit out your drink order. Don’t give them trouble, tip well and they’ll probably lengthen the pour a little.

The food: The menu has something for everyone — delicious salads for the weight-watchers, steaks for those looking for something a bit heartier and finger foods for those who’d rather save room for liquids. I recommend the Stoneleigh P Burger (it’s up there on the list of my favorites in Dallas) and the creamy queso verde is a must-try.

The music: Since there’s a jukebox, the music is at the discretion of the patrons. Basically, you’re going to hear the lineup from the last Austin City Limits festival, along with “Don’t Stop Believin’” and J. Geils’ “Centerfold.”

The smoking factor: Outside on the patio only.

Parking: Park on the street if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot, or valet at the Stoneleigh Hotel, directly across from the P.

Bottom line: The old watering hole may have spotty service at times, but it’s always on key with its fun clientele and good food.

Eddie V’s

Since being into Eddie V’s, I have heard their advertisements on NPR quite a few times (yes, I am an avid listener and junkie), and each time I hear it, my mouth waters; it has to be a Pavlovian response.  Juicy steaks, ridiculously fresh seafood, fantastic live music, a touch of opulence, and inventive drinks … just a small taste of what the Austin transplant, Eddie V’s, has to offer.

Two of my man friends and I took an evening off from our hectic lives to relax and enjoy the V Lounge in the newly opened watering hole and eatery on Oak Lawn.  Right out of the gate, we knew we were in for a treat when we walked into the dimly-lit resto and were greeted by three friendly staffers and let into a beautifully decorated dining room with a large wrap-around bar.

We sat in the lounge so we could fully enjoy the live music from the band which boasted covers of my favorite genre: the Rat Pack, Frank, newer pop(py) songs … and they accept requests.  I got a “shout out” and it was definitely a highlight!

The service left nothing to be desired and the wait staff was fun, bantered with the table, and was quick to suggest the best of the best on the menu – both food and bar.  Our table had quite a few drinks and they were all incredibly creative and stout!  Their martini was perfectly dirty and just reading their list of mojitos and margaritas alone is enough to make your taste buds stand at attention – and they don’t disappoint.   As you can see below, the menu offers a plethora of happy hour drinks and half price appetizers at a great price.

As for food … while I am no foodie, my friend who has been to culinary school and makes food to curl your toes was just as impressed with the food as I was.  Their crispy cashew calamari is some of the best I’ve ever had.  The Maryland style all lump crab cake is a force with which to be reckoned and lives up to its name; it doesn’t mess around with its helping of crab.  At the prices during happy hour, try as many as you can fit in your stomach!

Bottom line: try out Eddie V’s.  It’s great for a nicer night when you want to ditch the flip flops and enjoy a more mature group at HH.  Their happy hour is an economical way to try the amazing offerings they have!

Drink strength: 3.8
Overall: 4

Eddie V’s Dallas

www.eddiev.com | @eddievsdallas
4023 Oak Lawn Ave | (214)890-1500

Happy Hour Nightly | 4-7 pm | $5+ drinks below, $0.75-8 select appetizers
Martinis: Original, Jolly Rancher, Passiontini, green apple, mai tai-tini
Mojitos: original, raspberry, orange, citrus, dragon berry
Wines by the glass: Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet,
Hand crafted margaritas: Blood orange, passion fruit, pomegranate pink grapefruit

The Library Bar at the Warwick Melrose

The Warwick Melrose has been a long-time lap of luxury for Dallasites that this girl only just had the chance to experience after 6 years in this city.  I am so glad that I finally found my way over to it.

The milieu was sultry and elegant due to the dim lighting and the live jazz (they have live music most nights).  From the moment we sat down our waiter was eager to serve us whatever we desired – even if it included random bar trivia.

The men got scotch and were served much more than the usual “three fingers.”  The ladies partook in the cosmos which are touted as “world class” for a reason.  They were smooth and not too sweet – though I don’t think I’d have more than one because they were a bit small and, let’s face it, I like my drinks.  Laura usually doesn’t drink “girly drinks” because they are too sweet but she loved the cosmo.

Bottom line: while we enjoyed our time at the Library Bar on Cougar Cosmo Friday, but we didn’t see enough cougars on the prowl to make it worth missing their Wednesday night offering; you will find me there soon!

I wanted to do my first video review from the Library Bar but it was a wee bit too dark to do a decent lighting job – but keep your eyes open for one soon!

The Library Bar
3015 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219-4134
(214) 224-3144

Sunday-Friday | 7:30–9 p.m. | Domestic Beers and Segura Viudas Champagne by the glass for $3

Monday | 4–9 p.m. | $5 Martinis, $7 specialty martinis
Tuesday | 5-9 p.m. | $6 classic cocktails and wine by the glass, live jazz
Every second Tuesday of the month will feature a wine event from 7-9 p.m. with complimentary tastings of four wines. Reservations not required.
Wednesday | 4–7 p.m. | Free bowl of Five Spice Calamari, $5 house cocktails
Thursday | 4–7 p.m. | $6 Tequila drinks
Fridays | 4–8 p.m. | “Cougar Cosmo Fridays” $7 for The Library’s world class Cosmo
Sunday | all day | $5 Bloody Marys and Mojitos

The Warwick has some great events coming up … click here to see what the Warwick has to offer!