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There’s a new chico in town … and his name is C’Viche.  Get your ass into this play ASAP, because it’s f**king delicious.

Their cocktails pack a punch and are a perfect complement to their Mexican and South American food.  They have an extensive full bar with some more exotic options, so you can get traditional margaritas or get a little crazy with Pisco drinks.  Check out some details of my visit below.


We started with their complimentary chips & salsa while we poured over their menu.  Their food options are limited in the most perfect way–they don’t do all that much, but what they do, they do really damn well.  Their menu is literally five simple sections … ceviches (obvi.)and crudos, specialties, quesadillas, “snacks”, and tacos.

In the meantime, we ordered a couple drinks with the help of the owner and chef, Randall–Jackie* went with their mojito and I opted for a Pisco Sour … because Pisco.  Jackie hadn’t tried Pisco, so we were given small tastes to sip.  If you want to know more about Pisco, check out #SDDContributor Brian’s review or mine from ages ago!

Their bar is pretty extensive, offering “100% agave Mexican tequilas & mezcal, Caribbean rums, Brazilian cachaça and Argentinian Pisco”. You can also opt for their local or Mexican & South American beers on tap or some wine.  But, when in C’Viche …

Their food is unexpectedly good.   Though, they’re owned by the same guy as Clark Food & Wine Company, so I should have known better … because that place is legit.)  The food is inspired by Mexican and South American cuisine and makes the food its own in a special and delicious way.

My absolute favorite food item we tried was the Tuna Crudo “Poke Style” (tuna crudo, tamari, ginger, and scallions).  Jackie and I had a little fork fight over who got the last piece … I kid you not.  We also got into some serious queso business along with their Street Style Corn and Avocado Fries.  Not to be missed is their fresh fish, which you can choose which fish you prefer, chopped (ceviche) or sashimi style (crudo), which style you’d like (Baja, Peruvian, island, or Asian), and you can even have them make it into a salad for just $2.

The atmosphere is decided casual thanks to the nice natural light it lets in, red metal bar stools, industrial lights, and cement floors.  The music keeps it light and the staff lights to kid around … which just makes things a little more fun.

Stop into C’Viche soon and get you some of their tuna crudo to accompany their new happy hour specials.
1922 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 238-3509

*Jackie is my new friend who happens to be a fellow blogger … check her our at Pretty Petals! You’ll hear about her again.

You’ve heard the name, and know they make some (damn) good Tex-Mex.  BUUUUT did you know that they also make some pretty delicious drinks?  Barkeeps Dex and Bryan came up with a craft cocktail menu to please every palate.  From sweet and slushy to strong and smooth, the drinks are all very different, but are equally unique and delicious.

The drinks are made by hand, and are all available served over crushed ice.  This isn’t some half-assed crushed ice … it’s nearly snow cone-esque.  Also, their margaritas are mostly green.  (This seemed like an important point — though I’m not really sure why — so I’ll go along with it … GREEN MARGARITAS?!??!! WHOOOHOO!)  Drinks range from $8 to $24 (Ultimat Lemonade Pitcher) and have a decent strength behind them.  

We’ll start from the top of some of the drinks I sampled.

  • HANDCRAFTED PIÑA COLADA | I haven’t had a piña colada in ages, but this made me wonder why I’ve poo-poo’d the classic poolside drink.  It’s not too sweet and is made with crushed ice, making it more a snowcone than a traditional Icee.
  • SAZERAC | The CH version of the Sazerac takes away the vicious bite of the classic version by adding a bit of lemon.  Being a whiskey fan, I really enjoyed this drink.
  • TITO’S TEXAS SIPPER | As some of you may know, I hate me some grapefruit.  Even with my aversion to the ruby red, I enjoyed this drink enough to drink half of it (which, given that I tried upwards of 9 drinks that night, is saying something).
  • EL PEPPINO | A delightfully refreshing martini with cucumber, elderflower liqueur, and TY KU citrus … so basically, it’s delicious.  
  • SUMMER BREEZE | I already mentioned my disgust for grapefruit, and this one has some serious grapefruit going on.  Crazy thing?  I dug this drink.  Really.  I drank most of it and hardly let my HH guests have a sip…. though when one of them got a hold of it, she ended up finishing it and ordering two more.
  • KICKIN’ MULE | Who isn’t a fan of a traditional Moscow Mule?  (Seriously … if you don’t like them, raise your hand and I’ll come through my computer and slap you.  Moscow Mules are delicious.)  Their amped-up version of the MM is a very well-balanced take on it … and I’ll say that I’ve journeyed back in since my review to buy one of these with my owned hard-earned money.  That should tell you something!!  Bonus?  They’re served in copper mugs … if you’re into that sort of thing.

The drinks at Cafe Herrera aren’t the only thing I am going to harp on.  The food is pretty damn awesome, too.  The food is made fresh daily out of the open kitchen.  (I like to see into kitchens … you?)  The queso and guac are better than most, and the Herrera’s Appetizer (nachos, flautitas, cheese quesadillas, and some delish garnishes) is excellent.  I love a good sampling!  But the best food of the night?  Definitely the ceviche — it was really fresh and had the perfect balance of citrus and “sea”.  It’s my jam.

Head into Mockingbird Station and visit one of Dallas’ oldest Tex-Mex cafes (the family is one of the oldest, that is) and don’t forget to order a drink … a real drink.
www.cafeherrera.com | @cafeherrerambs
Mockingbird Station | 214-823-4040

***Please note: this tasting was on the house.***