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City Tavern

This quintessential laid-back “pub” has long been a favorite of Downtown residents.  With live music, pretty damn good food, and a varied clientele, it offers something for most of us.

Walking in on Monday, I passed the regulars that bogart the outside tables and walked into the two-story bar.  My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the dark atmosphere but when they did, my friend and I quickly found our booth and slid in (don’t get the one in the back downstairs – it’s tiny).  The tables are all a little wobbly but do their job satisfactorily. 

You have your typical collection of Downtown bargoers here.  There are the regulars that people watch and smoke like chimneys outside, the boisterous bartenders, just-off-work single men haunched over their brews, and one or two randoms.

From the things I’ve heard of this Downtown mainstay, there are two things you MUST try: the Dirty Dusty and the taco salad.  The famed Dirty Dusty consists of a PBR and a (big) shot of Jack … for a mere $4.  The taco salad IS as good as they say, and bigger than you’d expect (though if you’re on a diet, ask for it in a regular bowl instead of the DELICIOUS taco bowl).

The drinks are decently poured and the drinks aren’t too terribly expensive.  Definitly go on days that you like the special – we went on a Monday (service industry day complete with Jager, Goldschläger, and Rumplemintz – OH MY).  Needless to say, one shot of Tuaca and I was done with shots for the night b/c they were generous shots.

While there isn’t a set “happy hour” per say, they have an all day special each day of the week.  I’ll take that over having to haul ass somewhere after work to make it in time for one drink.

Drink strength: 3.4
Overall: 4.6

City Tavern
www.citytaverndowntown.com | @citytaverndfw
1402 Main Street | 214-745-1402

Sunday | $3 calls
Monday | $3 cold cordials
Tuesday | $3 pints, any draft
Wednesday | $3 wells
Thursdays | $3 domestic bottles
Fridays | $3 wells and domestic drafts ‘til 7