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drive into the light.

Mondays are my day off.  Monday is my day to clean.  Monday is my day to work out.  Monday is my day to buy healthy food at Central Market.  BUT this Monday somehow turned into a quick (too short) run, a button-bursting dinner at Matt’s Rancho Grande, and drinks drinks drinks at Arcade Bar.

Their recession Mondays are brilliant.  $2 for anything?  YES, PLEASE!  It’s so nice to walk up to the bar with a $5 bill and be able to buy a drink … and a drink for a friend … with tip.

The drinks were strong for $2 a throw.  After our randomly expensive Sunday night at Stan’s, a cheap night was needed and we seemed to get the same buzz for $24 for the two of us (that included dinner at Matt’s) as Sunday’s $98!!

Arcade Bar is a good place to be a regular.  When we walked in, there was a table in the back with an intense poker game going on and two dogs roaming around the tables begging for a sip of beer (yes, it’s dog friendly … and no, we didn’t give them any beer).  The restrooms are delightfully clean, the music was fully of guilty pleasures, Trivial Pursuit cards were on each table for entertainment, and there was fresh popcorn beckoning us from the back of the bar.

To top it off, we got a private tour of the Lakewood Theater which is under the same owners as Arcade Bar.  If you haven’t been inside, get there soon.  Open since 1938, everyone in Dallas knows the bright neon lights of the Lakewood Theater tower.  If you see it … drive into the light.

Drink strength: 4 
Overall: 4.2

Arcade Bar/Lakewood Theater
1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas 75214 | (214) 821-7469

Monday | Recession Monday | ALL NIGHT | $2 you-call-its
Wednesday | Winnipeg Wednesday | $2.50 wells and domestics
Thursday & Saturday | Karaoke
Friday | live music

Muddy Waters

This Dallas legend has been around for quite a while and is a bastion of the Dallas local music scene.  If you ask any of the guys from the Local Yokel show, this is one of the places in Dallas you MUST go … just so you can say you’ve been.

The night we went, we sadly didn’t do our homework; it was open mic night.  No one was playing when we were there but a DJ was setting up (it looked like it would have been entertaining to stay!).  So, we did the next best thing and fed our dollar bills to the jukebox and played a few rounds of pool.

The drinks were pretty misleading … I had a few and was quite festive though I thought they tasted weak.  The drinks were so misleading that I felt confident enough to order jambalaya (very out of the ordinary for this girl!) when we ventured over to Alligator Cafe to grab a bite when we discovered Muddy Waters didn’t have any food offerings.

The bartender was efficient and the regulars were bizarre to say the least (and one was a bit smelly).  This wouldn’t be a bad place to grab a round of pool or listen to a great local band … try it sometime.  🙂

Muddy Waters

1518 Greenville Avenue | Dallas, TX 75206-7413
(214) 823-1518

Specials (as of 2/10/10):
Monday-Friday | 4-8 p.m. | $2 wells, domestics, and drafts, $1 off all other drinks
Tuesday | all drafts | $2 wells and drafts
Monday | all day | $1 drafts