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Sweet Sweet Heat

Ok … wrap your head around this: ghost pepper simple syrup.  Sounds weird as s**t, right?  Well, as it turns out … it’s pretty freaking awesome.

I had a few of my writers (and some +1s) over Sunday for a cocktail before we went to gorge on Endless Appetizers and had decided to make Blueberry Lavender Mojitos (from Market-Fresh Mixology).  Well … since I’m a goofball, I thought my homemade lavender gin was actually lavender syrup*, so they ended up being gin mojitos (if that’s a thing).  To make things even more fun, we tossed some Torani Sweet Heat syrup into the cocktails.  (Recipe below.)

We each tried the syrup on its own first (both as a contest to see who would drink the most and to actually taste it … obvi) and it has some serious kick to it.  Unlike most spicy flavors, this spice sticks in the back of your throat instead of burning your tongue.  (Ghost peppers are said to be 125x hotter than jalapeños.)

I’m excited to try this syrup in more of my cocktails.  While I usually hate margaritas, spicy margaritas are OK in my book, so I’m half considering smuggling some of this into the next Tex-Mex restaurant  I visit.  (No, Mr. Manager … this flask doesn’t have alcohol in it.  Why?)

Buy Torani Sweet Heat online or at a retailer.  (Call ahead to check since it’s one of their more unique flavors.)

12 mint leaves
2oz lavender gin
juice of 1/2 lime
15 blueberries
club soda
1/4oz Torani Sweet Heat Ghost Pepper syrup

Muddle the mint leaves, lime juice, blueberries, and gin in a tall glass.  (Don’t over-muddle.)  Add pepper syrup and stir.  Add ice, top with club soda, and stir carefully with a bar spoon.


Here are some other recipes that Torani suggests for Sweet Heat:

½oz Torani Sweet Heat syrup
1¼oz fresh lime juice
8oz soda water
(Add a shot of vodka for a little more fun)

1½oz Torani Sweet Heat syrup
1oz simple syrup
1¼oz fresh lemon juice
8oz water
(Add a flavored vodka for a little more fun)

*For Christmas I made some of my friends infused liquors.  To make lavender gin, I had to make lavender syrup.  So yeah …

***Torani sent me a bottle of Sweet Heat syrup to try out.***