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my main squeeze

The Grape has gotten a lot of attention for its burgers … but it’s sooooo much more than an amazing burger that is so good that it is only sold two days a week and caused the restaurant to hire an extra hand in the kitchen to prepare.

Their happy hour is brilliant; you can get cheap drinks while paying next to nothing for the amazing food they serve (especially compared to their regular prices).  We took part in wells, martinis, fries, the cheese plate, the mini brat burgers, and plenty of sunshine.  Try the fries, you won’t be sorry … but make sure you have a piece of gum to chew after!

Their drinks were strong enough to give us quite a fun feeling and the need to partake in more rounds of appetizers.  The dirty martini could have been been shaken for a few more minutes but was overall superbly mixed.  The drinks became successively stronger as we sat.

The patio at The Grape is very nice other than its proximity to the street – it’s slightly loud during “rush hour”.  Take a pair of sunglasses and speak a little louder and you’ll be set.  Sit in the bar, which has an incredibly cool with an old-timey feel; they keep the doors open so you can still feel the nice breeze without the noise.

The wait staff is incredible.  Each and every one of them cater to your any need and in a snappy way … and with a smile.  I haven’t ever had anything but an amazing (if not exemplary) customer service experience here.  The chef will even walk around and chat when the kitchen isn’t slammed.  The best thing about The Grape’s happy hour: they make sure you know when it’s last call.

Their brunch is also quite a pip; the wounded yellowbird is addicting and the food is amazing.  It’s worth getting out of bed after a night out to have a meal here.

Drink strength: 4
Overall: 5 (just FYI … I think this is my first 5!)


The Grape Restaurant
2802 Greenville Ave | (214) 828-1981

Monday-Friday | 4:30-7 p.m. | $2 domestics, $3 wells, $5 glasses of wine, select appetizers under $6
Sunday | 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. | $6 Wounded Yellowbird and bloody marys, $4 mimosas

on a high note …

Stan’s Blue Note is right around the corner from my friend’s house … so needless to say, I’m there a lot.  Stan’s is so much fun because, as often as I’m there, I still run into new people and new flamboyant characters and no night there is ever the same.  If you are a usual here, you know that the management has changed.  The jury’s still out on how that will change the place, but I know the former owner’s presence is missed.

Drinks aren’t too expensive and they are pretty strong and can inspire a pretty damn good night.  I can say with confidence that some of the best nights I’ve had lately  have been here.  (You have to watch out for the flying eggs, though.  One night I got smacked in the face with an egg a motorcyclist threw while driving by … SO not cool.  My valiant friends tried to chase him but didn’t have any luck.)

The food at Stan’s is surprisingly good – try the chicken fried steak with jalepeno gravy or the buffalo chicken sandwich (not on the menu but you MUST try it!).  Portions are HUGE – consider sharing with a friend.

High NOTES (bad pun, I know): varied clientele, good location, shuffleboard and Big Buck Hunter!, Tuesday nights
Low notes: not-so-nice bathrooms

Drink strength: 4
Overall: 2.5

Stan’s Blue Note
2908 Greenville Avenue | Dallas, TX 75206-6241
(214) 827-1977

Monday-Friday | 11 a.m. -7 p.m. | $1 off everything

Tuesday | 7 p.m. – close | $2.00 Crown and Down
Thursday | 7 p.m. – close | $2.50 draft night
Saturday-Sunday | til 10 p.m. | $2.50 domestic drafts, $9 domestic pitchers, $4 mimosas and bloody mary’s (only when there are NFL or college games on)

winedale tavern – CLOSED

Good things come in small packages, right?  After enjoying a few drinks at Libertine Bar, Brandon mentioned the Winedale Tavern.  I like to think I know a thing or two about the bar scene in Dallas, but I hadn’t even head of this place.  Intrigued, we decided to make the long journey across the street to try it out.

It’s one of the smallest bars I have ever been in but it packed a punch and it was the epitome of a Dallas dive bar.  Nestled on Lower Greenville, all you can see from the street is the front door with its name scrawled across in paint and you can hear the karaoke from across the street.  The decor is unexpected so be prepared to see the

 skulls above the bar!

We tried it on a Tuesday and they had super cheap margaritas on the rocks.  As is in the “about me” section … I hate margaritas on the rocks.  But this one, this one I drank (2 even!).  The margaritas caused us to get a bit creative with the silly putty and pink cowboy hat we found and I will say it was quite the interesting night (just ask Yosemite Sam on the right).

Try Winedale Tavern out for a night just so you can say you’ve been.

Drink strength:

Winedale Tavern
(214) 823-5018 
2110 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

EVERYDAY | 1:30-7:30| $2 domestics, $3 wells
Tuesday & Thursday | Karaoke nights!

(maybe you’ll get lucky … the owner apparently randomly picks drink specials on random nights!)

greenville bar and grill – CLOSED

Greenville Bar and Grill was a complete surprise. I’ve seen it driving down Greenville many-a-time but never made it in … until last night. The “oldest bar in Dallas” (est. 1933) was anything but a typical Greenville Bar.

The history of this bar was somewhat entertaining: after being shut down quite a few years ago for building code violations (eek!), Merkow’s Steak and Seafood threw a pretty penny at the building and shined it up like new. Sadly, Merkow’s didn’t work out – so Greenville Bar and Grill returned to the Dallas bar scene with a nice face lift.

When I say this place was a surprise, I’m not saying that lightly. I walked in and was delighted to see huge HD TVs all over the place and a well-stocked (and CLEAN!) bar. I plopped down at the bar to wait for my friend and Stevie, the bartender offered up my first Tito’s and water with two limes and a couple jokes (he posited that it’s best to stay away from their wells – I took the advice since I didn’t have a happy hour to review for another hour and a half).

My friend arrived and we watched the Steelers game at the bar as the Sunday night poker group filtered in. I suppose it would be a scene that mirrors how Japan’s Night Life is booming, especially with the gambling intent. There were people of all walks and it got pretty darn crowded so we met a few of them. 9 p.m. hit and we switched over to wells to take advantage of the poker specials (some special, $4 wells? no thanks!). I guess now it’s closed, there won’t be anyone enjoying the $4 specials, but I guess there will be plenty of people still wanting to play poker through an online gambling website like www.best-casino.net/ or another similar that could offer them poker nights at home. I guess the main advantage to this would be the fact that if someone went to play poker in a physical establishment, they will be playing house rules, whereas online they get to choose what poker games they wish to play, I hear online that 3 card poker is popular among some of the other variants.

This place is worth a try if you’re going to eat (the food is pretty good). If drinks are your aim, they aren’t very strong and are pretty expensive on top of it all (my Tito’s and water was $7 and it was a standard size). Just make sure you go to the bathroom before you go; the bathrooms smell a bit and are cramped.

Positives: Lots of HD TVs, good food, clean

Drink strength: 2.5
Overall rating: 3

Greenville Bar & Grill
2821 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206(214) 821-2828

Monday | $3 wells, 1/2 off bottles of wine – Poker at 7 & 10 p.m.
Tuesday | $4 you call its, $3 beers – Poker at 7 & 10 p.m.
Wednesday | $2 domestic drafts, $3 Import Drafts
Thursday | $3 Wells (ladies only), $8 domestic pitchers and $12 import pitchers for everyone
Friday | Live music at night
Saturday | 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. | $2.50 Mimosas, Bloody Marys & Screwdrivers – Live music at night
Sunday | 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. | $2.50 Mimosas, Bloody Marys & Screwdrivers (after 9 p.m. $4 wells and $3 domestics) – Poker at 10 p.m.

libertine bar

Did you know that it’s possible to spend 7 hours in a bar and not realize it?  Well, I haven’t done it in 3-1/2 years but Thursday night proved that it isn’t too difficult to do at the right bar.  We ate, we drank, we laughed, and we enjoyed the Libertine Bar quite a bit.

Between the two of us, we tried every drink on the classic cocktail menu and then some – and they were good.  The Dark n Stormy, Pimm’s Cup, The Bronx, etc. … all were delightfully different and intriguing (and considerably stronger than expected – watch out for the Aviator!).  Matt had the pint of the week so he could have a cool pint glass, but in the end he forgot it (bust).

The staff at Libertine contributed to the fun.  They were incredibly outgoing and friendly without crowding us or being annoying.  The other thing that contributed to the fun was the AMAZING, nay, delicious food.  If I could only have one bar’s hot wing’s for the rest of my life, it would be Libertine’s.  Ordinary hot wings these were not, they were pork shanks that FELL off the bone, literally.  This plate of food was what dreams are made of and I can’t wait to have them again.

When you visit, make sure you clear your schedule because, yes, it is that great!

Drink Strength: 4
Overall: 4.5

Libertine Bar
www.libertinebar.com | @libertinebar
2101 Greenville Ave | Dallas, TX 75206-7125
(214) 824-7900

Monday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | 1/2 price classic cocktails and $1 off all drinks
Wednesday | 4 p.m. – 2 a.m. | Texas beers night | $2.50 bottles or drafts
Thursday | 6-9 p.m. | Pint Night – keep the glass
Sunday |  1/2 price food


I walked into the Dubliner for only the second time ever last night and the rush of one of the more fun Sunday nights I had this year came over me. The last time I was there I was having so much fun I lost track of time and paid for it with a hangover the next day at work.

While there weren’t many people there on a Wednesday (it seemed people were more interested in Mexican food last night), the ones who were there were quality. The bartender, Kevin, was incredibly personable and entertaining. He was so entertaining I hardly noticed that my friends got there 15 minutes late (you’d think I’d expect that by now!).

The Dubliner has a chill feeling with a fire crackling beside a dart board and a really large patio. Though it’s directly on Greenville, it doesn’t feel like it’s too close to anything else and isn’t too loud. It reminded me of the dark pubs my friend Chelsea and I would spend our time in when I lived in Europe.

Make sure to try this place out on a Sunday night … and get a snakebite or half and half.

Drink Strength: 3
Price: 2

www.dallasdubliner.com | @dallasdub
2818 Greenville Ave | Dallas, TX 75206-6239
(214) 818-0911

Monday | all day | $1 off draughts, domestic bottles, calls, and wells
Tuesday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $1 off draughts, domestic bottles, calls, and wells

blue fish

After a run I felt like having something somewhat healthy and begged my friends to meet me at Sushi on McKinney.  Not having been since the reopen and lured by the huge BYOB sign out front, I couldn’t wait to eat.  Turns out … they got their liquor license and everything has almost doubled in price compared to the old haunt.  So off to Blue Fish we went.

… and what a great choice it was.  Pleasantly surprised by the Monday night 1/2 price wine special, we ordered a bottle and started picking out our rolls.  The Ahi Tower was delightful, and paired with the miso soup, delicious.  I wish I was a food critic to really explain why their sushi is so great, but I don’t have the repertoire to do it justice.  Suffices to say it was fresh, well rolled, and yummy.  I ended my meal with a vodka water (in true Susie tradition) which was only somewhat potent.

I think I’ll try to come back here for a $1 sake Thursday because our bill sneaked up on us and put a bigger dent in my wallet than I’d have hoped for a Monday night.

Blue Fish
3519 Greenville Ave | Dallas (other locations in North Dallas, Los Colinas, and Florida)
(214) 824-3474

Monday | 1/2 price selected bottles of wine
Tuesday |  Ladies Night: Blue Fish Martini special
Wednesday | draft specials 
Thursday | $1 sake