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Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktails in Dallas

So … I’m a whiskey fan.  If you’ve read a lick of anything I’ve written, you’ll know that.  I like most (good) whiskies, but one of my absolute favorites is Jameson Irish Whiskey.  I mean … for starters, it’s Irish. (And who doesn’t love Irishmen … err Irish things?!)  But for real … it’s some damn good stuff.  Jameson is a traditional Irish whiskey with a peppery but sweet nose and a smooth taste with a nice balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes thanks to the sherry casks used for aging.

If the extent of your enjoyment of Jameson is a shot with a pickle back, shame on you.  (Kind of.  Ok, not really … I’m not mad at it.  You just have a lot more to enjoy from this spirit.)  I was given the chance recently to spend an evening with Dallas’ Jameson ambassador, Darren, at Henry’s Majestic trying some of the amazing things that their bartenders are doing with Jameson beyond traditional whiskey treatments.  The pictures below pale in comparison to how they actually tasted.  From sweet cocktails with fresh fruit to more traditional whiskey cocktails with bitters, they were all amazing.  (Well … except one, but it was totally the grapefruit’s fault.  Damn that icky grapefruit.)

Stop in to Henry’s Majestic and see them and challenge them to wow you with Jameson … you won’t be disappointed.

(Another note: go see Stephen H. at Parliament and ask him for a Jameson Black Barrel Manhattan or let him go crazy and do his own thing.  He knows how to make Jameson sing.  Example: the unreal cocktail he made me where he SMOKED Jameson.  I kid you not.  Proof below.)


Thanks again to Darren for the fun night and the badass swag!