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luna de noche

For a last minute meeting with my adorable interns, I didn’t want to settle for a boring sit down at Starbucks … so the next best thing was a happy hour!  My heart was set on Kona but it was packed so we walked our little bums across the way and grabbed a booth at Luna de Noche.  We definitely made the right choice walking into LDN.

The wait staff was incredibly friendly and quick to bring us whatever we needed.  The beautiful things about LDN is that it isn’t packed and the drink specials haven’t climbed the last few years (unlike it’s counterpart across the hall).  There was even live music in the main dining room that was very enjoyable.  The specials are only available in the bar area and on the patio.

We each ordered our drinks (except poor, little Tracy who was on meds) and they were strong enough to make our meeting incredibly fun.  Who needs coffee when you have $3 wells?!?

The apps that are offered are SO good.  The tacotitos and nachos were the perfect compliment to the drinks and were just the right portion for the four of us to share a few plates.  The chips were pretty darn good, too – it’s the chips that can make or break a Mexican restaurant.

Once again, I love any bar that makes their specials easy.  The same specials, every day, all night!

Luna de Noche
www.lunadenochetexmex.com | @lunadenoches
North Park Location | 8687 N. Central Expwy. #1804 (beside Nordstrom’s)
Victory Park Location | 2300 Victory Park Lane | Dallas, TX 75219

(There are more locations but these specials are only available at these two.)

EVERY DAY | 5 p.m. – close | cheese stuffed jalapeños, flautitas, nachos de Noche, mini tacotitos, and house Ritas $4; wells, martinis de noche, and house wine $3

Rattlesnake Bar

UPDATE: Please see bottom for updated offerings.

The Ritz Carlton represents luxury and class around the globe – to me, it’s happiness. The atmosphere of the dimly-lit Rattlesnake Bar is cool and laid back … until the evening clientèle arrives, that is.

After work, stop by the bar to lounge on the sumptuously stuffed sofas and chairs and sip on extremely strong, expertly mixed cocktails to wind down from the day. Immaculately dressed bartenders will craft the drinks while you are offered free sips of mini margaritas and some of the best guacamole I’ve ever had (begins at 6pm, M-F). To drink, I strongly recommend the John Daly (yes, after the PGA champion), it’s your decision to order the pack of Marlboro offered on the side or not.

If you wait until the veil of night to try out the bar, you will be in for a completely different experience. Cue the Dallas socialites, golddiggers, unctuous lounge lizards, and little old couples just finishing dinner at Fearings (just named one of the top 10 best restaurants in the world). The Ritz accepts and caters to all kinds. The people-watching at Rattlesnake Bar is the real treat – go to see and be seen; just don’t wear anything too shiny or you’ll be a target.

The staff is what you would expect from the Ritz and more, and the complimentary valet is one of the most efficient I’ve ever seen (and they aren’t terrible to look at, either). Everyone in Dallas should experience this bar at least once … so slither on in for a drink and a wink.

The Rattlesnake Bar in the Ritz Carlton
2121 McKinney Ave | (214)922-4848

Offerings (updated 5/25):
Wednesday and Thursday | 5:30 – 7 p.m. | Dean’s Two-Bite Tacos passed around the bar (and the outside bar) 

J. Pepe’s (closed)

Here’s the deal … I’d love to write a witty intro for J.Pepe’s, but I’m hungover from all the fun that started there last night! 4 drinks and an enchilada dinner into my evening I was only $13.50 down and somewhat buzzed (which for me rarely happens after only 4 drinks). Pretty fantastic for a Monday evening.

The drinks aren’t too watered down, and the bartender, Asher, was really nice (even though he wouldn’t replace our salsa??). I told him to make me my next drink when it got down to a certain line on the glass … and he did. Quite impressive. He even gave us input on a discussion we were having.

They also have a pool that people can actually use – enough said.

Bottom line: J.Pepe’s has the right idea … cheap drinks, friendly people, and a pool. Done.

J. Pepe’s
3619 Greenville Ave | (214)821-6431

Monday | $2 Domestics & wells … 1/2 price enchiladas
Tuesday | $3 You-call-its
Wednesday | $1 Drafts
Thursday | 2.50 Margaritas
Friday | $2.50 Wells after 6pm
Saturday | $2.50 Wells after 6pm
Sunday | $3 Margaritas, $3 Bloody Mary

the times they are a-changin’

You’ve seen the commercials … “Remember when $1 could buy you a gallon of gas or a good cup of coffee?” Well I have my own “remember when” now … remember when $1 could buy you a margarita at Ozona?

Well, Bob Dylan had it right: the times they are a-changin’. The legend of the $1 Ozona margarita is one to be passed onto our grandchildren when they tell a story about finding a bar by campus that serves $10 margaritas and it being a steal in the year 2062.

Upon walking into the College Station outpost last night, a sign hung on the door alerting the $1-margarita-seeking clientele of SMU summer school students and laid-back 20-somethings that the price would be raised … nay, doubled.

My take: unless they have twice as much bad tequila in them, the novelty for this girl is gone and she is saving her $2 for a rainy day.

Ozona Grill & Bar
www.ozonagrill.com | @ozona
4615 Greenville Ave | (214) 265-9105

Monday | all day | $2 house margaritas
Tuesday | all day | $1.50 domestic longnecks
Wednesday | all day | $2 domestic drafts
Thursday | all day | $2 wells and captain drinks – live music @ 9 p.m.
Friday | 4-7 p.m. | happy hour
Sunday | 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. | build your own bloody mary bar