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Wild Salsa

I’m always stoked to try new places and the new taco joint (if you can call it a joint) on Main was a pleasure.  Upon walking up to the front door, I was worried that the entire place would take the lead of the awkward sign in front, but it certainly didn’t.

The decor was complete with backlit Patron bottle columns (top right), authentic Día de los Muertos art from Mexico City, and a curtain separating the walkway from the bar seating area with rose designs on them.  It was quite a festive atmosphere and I look forward to heading back to explore the concrete bar further – it spanned half the restaurant!

The patio was lit by large string lights and was complete with tables and one in particular with a fire pit smack dab in the middle.  I look forward to heading back to enjoy the patio when it dips below triple-digit temperatures to watch the beautiful people frequenting the adjacent Mercantile pool.

Once at our table, our waitress recommended the Wild Rita … the Wild Rita was no slouch.   It was spicy, fragrant, rimmed with chili-lime salt, and it was BIG.  I’d give the drink a AAA rating – and I don’t even like tequila!  They also have Negra Modelo, Dos Equis, and Bud light on tap, a drink list with five interesting margaritas and six cocktails to choose from.

The only thing better than the margarita was the food.  The chips were just about average, but the avocado salsa was to die for; it’s no wonder that this place is called Wild Salsa (I went through two bowls myself before our food came).  They offer other salsas for a cost and sadly my dinner guest didn’t feel the need to try them … bummer.  I partook in the three-taco platter with rice and beans and tried three different ones … including a “lengua”, or beef tongue, and it was delicious!  They use local ingredients and they are listed on a chalkboard at the front of the shop.

Bottom line: I like a swanky place that can still keep its focus on the food and drink, and Wild Salsa does just that.  Definitely put a night aside to jump in here and enjoy the unique fare and strong drinks.

Extra info: they have a great wait staff, everyone is very friendly.  Food is served late on Fridays and Saturdays (but I don’t know how late).  ALSO, they may be opening for some serious late-night drunk taco action because they have what looks like a to-go window on Main.

Drink strength: 4.5
Overall: 4

Wild Salsa 
1800 Main St (Downtown) | 214-741-WILD

Monay-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $3.50 beers, $4 house margaritas, $4 wells

the hacienda on henderson

All I can say is, “What a night.”  Not only is a Tuesday at Hacienda $3 margarita night, but  as it turns out, it’s also the night they bring in liquor companies to hand out samples.  Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves.

I got there before everyone else and the waitress took the time to have a chat with me so I wasn’t sitting alone for too long (how nice!).  When my friends got there … menus were distributed and it came time not for the decision of WHICH tex-mex tapa to try, but which to try first.  Mouths watering, we ordered our tapas and margaritas and partook in the chips and salsa.

The food was great and the margaritas were even better.  You can add a shot of “infused” tequila (choose from strawberry, pineapple, and mango habanero) for only $2 – and they sure pack a punch.

Fun things about Hacienda:  a great porch, a great location, live music Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, free booze from promotors on Tuesdays, and a kitchen that stays open til 2 a.m. (perhaps an homage to Cuquita’s which was formerly housed nearby).

Drink Strength: 3

The Hacienda on Henderson
www.haciendaonhenderson.com | @haciendadallas
2326 N Henderson Ave | Dallas, TX 75206 

HAPPY HOUR DAILY | 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. | $1 off all drinks
Tuesday | $3 house margaritas and $3 tapas
Sunday |  brunch 11am-3pm


This little gem on Greenville is usually completely missed or thought to be a strip club. It isn’t a strip club, but an escape from dallas’s typical Mexican restaurant scene.

On the patio the music isn’t too loud and the greenery and small fountain make you forget that you are sitting right beside Greenville and Electrique Boutique.

The margaritas are strong and a great deal for only $3.50 (they were dubbed the best margarita in Dallas by The Margarita Society) and the drinks are somewhat stout.  (Plus, the kitchen ran out of small glasses so my last drink was served in a HUGE glass).  The wait staff is very attentive and won’t steal your credit card if you leave it on the table. … And the food is pretty.darn.good. 

Since I haven’t ever seen it crowded, bring a group of friends and experience this little beauty for yourself.

4818 Greenville Ave | Dallas, TX 75206-4120
(214) 363-1850

Monday-Friday | 3-7 p.m. | $3.50 margaritas, $2.75 domestics, $2.85 wells