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How strange to have their logo be a target … but they sure hit the mark.  

Launched this summer, Thrillist brings Dallas the cool places to be, eat, and go along with little tips on anything from Christmas gifts to gadgety electronics that you MUST buy to the place to find a frosty mug of beer.

Sign up for their daily email to hear about the coolest new Dallas trends and hot spots.   Thrillist is what I would call the male answer to Daily Candy (we women can’t have all the fun, right?).  With their witty writers and their punny titles, it makes reading their daily tips a bit of a fun trip.  AND they know their stuff … I mean, they wrote about my little site so they must know what’s up!  

Their launch party at Lemon Bar last night was a great time.  Drinks concocted with Southern Comfort and elven waitresses passing out unlimited Dos Equis made standing in line to get free gifts from under the Thrillist Wonderland Christmas tree from Kid Robot go by quickly.  Everyone was friendly and I even made some new friends thanks to the social lubrication provided by the sponsors.

I got to meet some of the editors and they are a blast and good eggs.  I look forward to working with them in the future!