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sushi axiom

We strolled into Sushi Axiom for our reverse happy hour after a glass at Veritas and a quick meetup at Capitol Pub on a Thursday night.  The bar was somewhat full but the restaurant wasn’t.  We opted for a table on their huge patio since it was a nice night and people watching on Henderson is always interesting.  Once seated, we ordered some rolls and a sampler.  While not a sushi connoisseur, I was with two people who are and didn’t love our spread of food.

The reverse happy hour specials (read: sake) didn’t bring out my sake bomb game, but were fun nonetheless.  Our waitress also made our time at Sushi Axiom quite interesting and the strong drinks didn’t hurt.

I’d say your best bet is to sit at the bar and chat to one of my new favorite bartenders in Dallas, Kevin; he’s good for a good conversation and a laugh or two.  Just stay away from the spring rolls and good luck trying to get the happy hour specials straight!

Drink strength: 4

Sushi Axiom
2323 N. Henderson | Dallas TX, 75206
(214) 828-2288

Happy Hour | M-Th | 5-7 p.m. | $2 off appetizers, $2 off classic rolls
Reverse Happy Hour | M-Th | 9-11 p.m. | $3 drafts, hot sake, and signature rolls, $1 sushi

Monday | 1/2 off signature martinis
Tuesday | $1 off drafts
Wednesday | $5 chardonnay and merlot
Sunday | $2 hot sake
FULL MOOD FRIDAYS | $3 drafts & hot sake

the fish

After another happy hour, I was coaxed into visiting The Fish for reverse happy hour.  Though reticent to stay out late on a Wednesday, it was SO worth it.

We ordered a few rolls and some sashimi and all of it was incredible.  I wish I had been hungry so I could have eaten more.  The Fish has made drink specials a snap:  just have them all day everyday!

The sake bombs made this last stop a blast.  We played my favorite sake bomb game:  someone gives the group a topic and each person tells their story about it (i.e. first kiss, most awkward moment, etc.), and then SAKE SAKE SAKE BOMB BOMB BOMB.  Makes for a fun night.

The outside seating at The Fish is either on a quiet street across from the driving range or in the breezeway and the seats are comfortable.  Inside, the light was low and the plush booths were welcoming.  The crowd, though sparse because we were there on a Wednesday, seemed an interesting bunch.

Make sure you try this place, and make sure you’re hungry (sake bombs fill you up quickly)!

The Fish
3636 McKinney Ave., Suite 150 
Dallas, TX 75204

EVERYDAY | ALL DAY! | $3 wells, drafts, and sake & selected food discounts

Thanks again to my two most reliable happy hour buddies, Matt and Brandon!

The Patio Grill

Every now and then a new bar opens that you just know will become one of your frequented locales.  I drove by last week and saw construction on McKinney which piqued my interest, and after seeing The Patio Grill on Daily Candy, I decided I needed to try it.

When I walked into The Patio Grill there was construction all around as the owners prepared for the grand opening which will be in two weeks.  I spoke with no fewer than three people at length before sitting down; quite a friendly bunch.

The workers outside were … wait for it, men … mounting a large screen for football games.  As if strong drinks and sporting events aren’t enough, the waitresses and bartenders aren’t terrible to look at and are incredibly personable.

For the ladies:  great people watching (it’s right on McKinney) and giant Jenga.  I spoke with the “powers that be” and encouraged them to keep a Sharpie outside to break in the set – my block is pictured below!  It’ll happen before too long anyway, ya?

While the menu is abbreviated until the official opening, we had the Portobello fries and they were delectable.  They gave us a peek at the full menu and everything sounds incredible.  The menu offers buffalo wings with DAMN sauce (among many others) – if you can eat all 10 wings with DAMN on them, your next drink is on the house; we tried some of the sauce … good luck.

Overall, a great night.  I think everyone should make this porch a destination for the fall – and make sure you try one of their Three Olives Berry and Red Bull shots!

The Patio Grill
3403 McKinney Avenue 

Monday | $3 wells $5 you call its
Tuesday | 8-11 p.m. | $1 off all drinks & 1/2 off starters
Wednesday – Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $1 off all drinks 
Sunday | 8-11 p.m. | $1 off all drinks & 1/2 off starters


Once again, Kent Rathbun has made an impression on my taste buds.

Abacus, the long-time Dallas icon of luxurious cuisine, also makes a mean martini.  The atmosphere in the bar area is formal but welcoming.  The connected couches mimicing tables create a homey feel without being casual — but you must dress to impress here (though I’ve never understood what EXACTLY that term means when clubs say it).

I met a friend for a late night drink and snack on a Wednesday.  Abacus has responded to the floundering economy by creating an extra happy hour (late night at that!) and added the great Wednesday night special of an extra 1/2 off of the food at the bar – which is incredibly good.

We each had a sushi roll and a martini; both were brilliant.  The generous portion of sushi could have been an entire meal (for a girl at least) and was only $9 and was some of the better sushi I’ve had in a while and it wasn’t even at a Japanese restaurant.  The martini: perfection.

I personally don’t think you can go wrong with one of their specialty cocktails and the waiters will ensure you order a drink that you are going to love.  What great people, eh?

Overall … make this a must-try for a late dinner (especially on a Wednesday).  You won’t regret it.

Abacus Restaurant
www.kentrathbun.com | Twitter
4511 Mckinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75205-4213
(214) 559-3111

Monday-Friday | 5-7 p.m., 9 p.m.-close | $2 off beer, wines by the glass, and cocktails | 1/2 price sushi, 9pm-close
Wednesdays | 1/2 off bar food menu


The drink sangria comes in many forms: blended, straight up, sparkling, white, red, loaded with fruit, dry … but whomever decided that Sangria the tapas restaurant should exsist is straight up a genius. The drinks are strong enough to make the night worth the somewhat expensive bill that is sure to come from too many orders of mushroom croquettes and pitchers upon pitchers of white, red, or sparkling sangria (all of which are amazing, but the sparkling takes the cake).

Late night inexpensive martinis and cosmopolitains are a little-known feature of this personable restaurant. Your exotic, curly-mopped waiter will hop-to-it and get your drinks to you quickly leaving your with another glass of heaven and a suggestive smile. You can find all types here; there are the young SMU kids out for their splurge dinner of the week sitting next to a table of young professionals next to a cute couple on a date.

Sangria Tapas Y Bar
4524 Cole Ave Dallas, TX 75205-4129 
(214) 520-4863

Monday – Friday 4 p.m.-7 p.m. | $3.00 Happy Hour on Selected Tapas & Drinks (Well drinks, House Wine, Sangrias, Martini of the Day)
Monday – Thursdsay 10 p.m.-11 p.m. & Friday – Saturday 10 p.m.-12 a.m. | $3.00 Happy Hour on Selected Tapas & Drinks (Well drinks, House Wine, Sangrias, Martini of the Day)
Monday | ½ Price Sangria Night (Pitchers Only)
Tuesday | ½ Price Bottle Wine Night
Wednesday | International Night with DJ Tony starting at 8:30pm with Tapas & Drink Specials
Thursday | Tour of Spain: Different Regional Tapas & Wine Specials of Spain Each Week
Friday Late Night | DJ Tony 10:00 pm with Reverse Happy Hour
Saturday Late Night: DJ Tony starting at 10:00 pm with Reverse Happy Hour
Saturday & Sunday Brunch $6.00 Bottomless Sangrias & Agua Valenciana (Spanish Mimosa)