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SusieDrinksDallas 2nd Annual Valentine’s (Eve) Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes you just need to get out and celebrate being single and rub it in the face of the people who are stuck having dinner and heart-shaped chocolates … a pub crawl is much cheaper and more fun!

Join Susie and friends for the 2nd Annual Valentine’s (Eve) Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt.*

Saturday, February 13th | email susiedrinksdallas@gmail.com for details!

Last year’s list included:

1. Get/give a piggy back ride.
2. Have someone sing you a song.
3. Get an article of clothing from someone of the opposite sex.
4. Get a spanking.
5. Have someone buy/give you a shot.
6. Get a kiss.
7. Rub a fat girl’s belly or a bald guy’s head.
8. Get someone’s business card or phone number.
9. Take a picture with a red head of the opposite sex.
10. Get a back rub.

*Scavenger Hunt list will change … email any suggestions to susiedrinksdallas@gmail.com!