The Ivy Kitchen Rereturn

Foodie movie fans: rejoice (again).  Addison’s cinematic-adjacent culinary experience, Ivy Kitchen, has revamped its menu and it’s goooood.  Expect some new food, new cocktails, and some old favorites.  I should note that, while IK is in a movie theater, it’s far from your typical chicken-tenders-served-with-a-premixed-strawberry-margarita type fast-casual order from your seat kind of place.  IK is real, quality food.

The evening at IK started at the bar (as most nights should) and we each tried a couple of their new options.  I was blown away by the IVY Thyme (Bulleit Bourbon, Lillet Blanc, lemon, fresh thyme), if not for the flavor, for the presentation.  The IVY League (Hendrick’s Gin, lime, cucumber, Lillet Blanc) was good, but didn’t blow my socks off since the combination isn’t completely unexpected.

Luckily they kept my favorite cocktail on the menu (and one of my favorites in all of Dallas, actually), the Bootstrap Manhattan.  They start with TX Whiskey and coat a glass with a whisper of the local spirit, then they smoke a smoked maple plank and allow the glass to absorb the essence of the wood.  With the smoky flavor on the glass, they add the whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, and a Luxardo cherry.  The result is nothing short of delicious.

As mentioned, IK isn’t going to offer up sad congealed cheese nachos … their food is serious.  While I could go on about each and every dish we tried (save a couple), I’ll simply highlight my favorites.  One of those favorites is currently a special that will be moved to the menu (as it damn well should), the Bacon Marmalade Flatbread.  It was surprisingly light and I had to stop myself from eating too much of it since it was one of the first round dishes.


Ivy Kitchen’s new chef is taking some basics and just making them really damn well.  For his Tenderloin Stroganoff, he took a basic pasta dish and threw in some of what must be crack-laced beef tenderloin tips.  (I may or may not have taken leftovers home …)  The Thick Cut Grilled Pork Chop (molasses-brined center cut chop, au jus served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & chilled Fuji applesauce) was tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked.  And everyone loves sides … and they did them well.  Their Sweet Potato Crisp was delightfully light, the Real Deal Mac & Cheese was, in fact, the real deal, and the Iron Skillet Brussels Sprouts were … well … Brussels sprouts … and y’all know what those to do to me.  🙋🏼(<–that’s me raising my hand to ask if we can get more Brussels sprouts.)

Basically there was pork in just about everything … and I was alright with that.  (But if you’re not a porkavore like I am, then make sure to check the descriptions.)

On top of fantastic porkiness, IK also has a sushi bar with amazingly fresh options, a brunch menu that makes my mouth water, and a great wine list with reasonable yet scrumptious options.  While you can’t get all of their offerings in the theaters, they have an entire Look & Dine menu with items that are easy to eat in the dark and don’t offend your neighbor.  I mean … both are good things.

Stop in and try some of the new options soon, check out their new patio (for the week of decent weather we have left), have a Bootstrap Manhattan, and catch a movie!

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HAPPY HOUR: Monday-Friday, 4–7pm