Brian Bianco

brianb… Refined … advanced pallet … a thirst for adventure … these are all words commonly used to describe other people besides Brian Bianco. Brian got his start helping cover Plano and other mysterious lands above 635 for SDD, then somehow decided it was a good idea to move to Rhode Island right as the suburbs finally gave in to his pleas to add good restaurants and bars.After a two year detour in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, he’s back in DFW covering the far, distant Northlands of Denton County.

Beat: Remote reviews … for now
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current City:Highland Village, Texas
In Dallas (or wherever) Since: 2014
Day Job: Aviation PR … I’m an adult
Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned
Home Cocktail: Old Fashioned/Bourbon neat
Favorite Spirit: Scotch (Islay)
Favorite Bar:Libertine/ Dot’s Hop House/ Armoury D.E.
Favorite Dive Bar: Inwood Tavern
Favorite ToastTo alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems
Spirit Animal: Narwhal


Drink well. Travel often.

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