Savannah, Georgia


Savannah, Georgia is one of the country’s best kind of cities … an open container-friendly city!  Even better, the downtown (historic) area is incredibly walkable and bars can be open until 3am.  All of that adds up to being quite festive the entire time you’re there.


CIRCA 1875 | Attached to a cute, little french bistro, this bar serves up quality cocktails without pretension.

48 Whitaker Street
(912) 443-1875

CO. | This is a bit of an industry spot late night, but look for live music and free popcorn.

10 Whitaker Street
(912) 234-5375

FIVE OAKS TAPROOM (in the Hotel Indigo) | Stop into this rustic-inspired craft cocktail joint.  The staff is friendly, the drinks are inspired, and they can make some mean classics.

201 W Bay Street (Ellis Square)
(912) 236-4440

TOPDECK (in the Cotton Sail Hotel) | Found on the rooftop (6th floor) of the hotel, make this a quick stop for at least one drink while you’re on the river.  While you’ll have to maneuver around the younger clientele, the drinks aren’t what you’d expect (much better, that is) and, on a cool night, the view of the river cannot be beat.

125 W River Street (on the river)
Phone:(912) 436-6828

ROCKS ON THE RIVER (in the Bohemian Hotel) | Go for the drinks, stay for the view.

102 W Bay Street (on the river)
(912) 721-3900

JEN’S & FRIENDS | Two words: strong drinks!  Be currful, y’all.  They have some basics but also offer some more “out there” options like a weird twist on a chocolate martini.  Make sure to say hi to Jen who is usually behind the bar.

34 Bull Street
(912) 238-5367

WET WILLIE’S | Y’all … this place is one of many across the US, and really, it’s kind of a gimmick, but it’s worth a stop if you’re looking for a walking around drink.  My favorite combo (since I spent some time at the now-defunct Paris location) is dubbed the “Easter Egg” … and I have no clue what’s in it.

101 E River Street (City Market)
(912) 233-5650




ZUNZI’S | South Africans apparently know how to eat.  This takeout-only hotspot will have you saying “shit yeah!” before you leave.  If the smell isn’t enough to make you hungry, then you aren’t a person.  The most delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time was The Godfather.  This monstrosity of a sandwich has the audacity to put savory, juicy chicken, TWO kinds of sausage, and TWO kinds of special sauce on one giant sandwich.

108 E York Street
(912) 443-9555


THE GREY | This super modern hipster restaurant is in an old Greyhound Station — you can tell because they kept the integrity of the space and the garage doors.  The food and drink are unreal–look for fresh seafood and incredible craft cocktails.

109 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
(912) 662-5999

THE PARIS MARKET & BROCANTE | Inside a French-inspired shop, this tiny cafe offers authentic pastries and well-crafted coffee options.

36 W Broughton Street
(912) 232-1500


PIE SOCIETY | Beside having the cutest name and branding ever … their pies are f**king amazing.  I grabbed a savory handpie to chow down on before heading out to my ghost tour and wished I’d gotten two.  (Though they’re large, so two would have been overkill!)  Take one of the flyers in with you and you’ll get a free cookie!  (Get the cherry one!)

19 Jefferson Street (City Market)
(912) 238-1144

LEOPOLD’S ICE CREAM | How long are you ok with standing in line?  Because this place will test that.  This adorable retro ice cream shop makes their own mixtures in-house and is a landmark of the city just across the street from SCAD.  Look for basic flavors alongside their more unique offerings like lavender (pictured below).

212 E Broughton Street
(912) 234-4442


SAVANNAH’S CANDY KITCHEN | Pop in this cute (and huge) shop for candy (chocolate, pralines, taffy, fudge, ridiculously large candy apples, decked Rice Krispie treats, etc.), ice cream, popcorn, nostalgic candy, and gifts.  The gophers and dark chocolate pralines are not to be missed!

318 West St Julian Street (City Market) or 225 East River Street (on the river)
(912) 201-9501

CHURCHILL’S | This is a pub … in every sense of the word.  Grab late night fish and chips and be prepared for a crowd of young’ns.


6TH SENSE WORLD GHOST TOUR | Savannah is said to be one of the world’s most haunted cities.  Why?  Let’s just say that the city expanded rapidly and they didn’t so much move the cemeteries before building.  Your guide will tell you stories that will make you not want to walk alone in the dark, and you may  even hear stories that movies you’ve seen are based on.

Try to get on the later tour, wear comfortable shoes, and take at least one drink along for the walk!

(912) 292-0960





MEAD TASTING (at the Savannah Bee Company)

104 W Broughton St

(912) 233-7873




HOTEL INDIGO | This hotel was recently renovated and was once a dry goods storage house and shop … and was done beautifully.  The location can’t be beat–right on Ellis Square next to the City Market and a just stone’s throw from the river.

Hint: if you’re a IHG Rewards Club Member, you can ask for a late check-out at 2pm for no extra charge!

201 W Bay Street (Ellis Square)
(912) 236-4440



Flat rate $29 to and from the airport (about a 20 minute ride)

Downtown is quite walkable.  They do have Uber.  Maybe rent a bike!

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