Rachel Cook

rachelAlthough her current address is in Oklahoma City, Rachel is a Dallas girl through-and-through. She graduated from Texas Tech in 2009 with a degree in English and a strong aversion to light beer and cheap tequila. She promptly moved back to Dallas where she worked in advertising and social media before making the move to Oklahoma City in 2013 with her husband and two pups.

Regardless of whether she’s in Dallas or OKC, you can find Rachel on any number of breezy (preferably dog-friendly) patios, cold beer or cocktail in hand with friends or family. When she’s not drinking, thinking about drinking or writing about drinking, she’s likely walking her dogs, reading, cooking, at yoga or thinking about running. She is a freelance social media consultant and writes for her own blog.

As a native Texan, her complaints about Oklahoma life are many but trivial- it’s Texas/OU Weekend, not the other way around- and only one actually bothers her: low-point beer. (Should you find her wobbling around The Rustic after a single schooner of the real stuff, please return to her husband as soon as possible.)




Drink well. Travel often.

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