Julie Austin

I am a senior at the University of Arkansas, studying Advertising and PR! I love movies, music and photography. I have a creative mind, love experiencing new things, and tend to see the positives in everything. This is my first internship and I’m so happy to be a part of the SusieDrinks team!

Beat: Fayetteville, AR during the school year … Dallas and Allen in the summer!
Hometown: Allen, TX
Lived in Dallas: 21 years
Day Job: Wings Team Member for Red Bull
Spirit Animal: Cat
Favorite Cocktail: Moscow Mule
Home Cocktail: Margaritas
Favorite Spirit: Whiskey
Favorite Dive Bar: Rogers Rec (in Fayetteville)
Favorite Toast: “Take everything in moderation… including moderation”.

Instagram Handle: @julieaustin_


Drink well. Travel often.

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