Do It #ForKidd

Check out this awesome campaign from Kidd Nation:

On the anniversary of Kidd Kraddick’s untimely passing, we all feel that it is important to honor Kidd and his strong belief in the power of “Paying It Forward.”

So, this weekend (July 25-27), we want you to: “DO IT FOR KIDD.”

What does this mean? The memory of Kidd Kraddick should inspire you to continue his legacy of giving, through performing random acts of kindness.


When you’re asked why you did something nice for someone else, you can simply reply: “Kidd’s memory inspired me” or “I did it for Kidd.”


To further honor Kidd, on Monday, July 28, we’ll share our favorite memories of the man who gave so much to so many people for so many years.

And at 8:30 ET/7:30 CT, the show will observe a special “Moment of Noise!”


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