East Hampton Sandwich Company

So I hate sandwiches.  I hate the slimy cold cuts are sliced so thin that you can nearly see through them, the way that they make the bread soggy, and the detestable iceberg lettuce.  At least I thought I hated sandwiches.  I avoided sandwich shops and was conflicted when East Hampton Sandwich Company invited me in.

Let me just say that they convinced me that I shouldn’t be a sandwich-ist.  (Is that a thing?)


Here were my highlights from EHSC and your Pro Tips:

  • Get the Lobster Roll.  If you’ve ever heard of EHSC, you’ve heard about their Lobster Roll, a butter toasted roll overflowing with knuckle and claw crab meat and herbs in a light dressing.
  • Their Homemade Potato Chips are ridiculous.  They’re crispy, but not too thick.
  • Go ahead and request all four of their dips.  I mean, to hell with conventions … go dip crazy.  Their Sweet Onion dip was my favorite and I made the mistake of dipping into the Buffalo Bleu Cheese dip … which I’m allergic to.  (It made me wish that I wasn’t allergic to Bleu Cheese.)
  • Don’t skimp on dessert.  Hampton’s Donut Bag is filled with little pillows of heaven rolled in cinnamon sugar.
  • They close at 9pm.  Get there no later than 8:45pm if you’re taking to-go and 8:30pm if you’re sticking with them.  (It’s just good sense.)
  • Have a drink with your sandwich–they offer wines by the glass, cocktails by the glass or carafe (get into their sangria business), and some draft & canned beers to help wash down the delicious bready goodness.

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3888 Oak Lawn Suite 100
(214) 443-7925