the “crappiest” hour

Well, at least they don’t call it something it’s not.  Dick’s Last Resort’s “crappy hour” (their words, not mine) is exactly that.  This place has always intrigued me because I can’t understand why anyone would pay to be treated badly.

The wait staff is just as irreverent as you’ve heard and it begins at the front door (no, really, it does!)  The front door says “push” when you’re meant to pull – and the hostess laughs at you for pushing.  The regulars here aren’t even really regulars so much as “irregulars”, there are bras on the bar, and it’s very loud.

The drinks are really weak and it takes forever to get another.  At one point, I had to actually yell at my waiter to get him back to our table.  When he brought my drink I asked for a water and got the response, “You should have asked my black ass for a water when you ordered your other drink!”

Positives:  The food is cheap, even without the weekly special, and they portions are huge – try the gator bites and the onion rings.  The bathrooms are extremely clean.  The restaurant is quite large and there is plenty of seating, a patio, and a smoking patio.

I’m not going to rate this one because it’s not the kind of place I’d choose to spend my time, but if a purposefully rude staff is what you’re into … it’s great to grab a bite and a drink (heck, get 7!) here before a game at the AA center so you only have to pay for parking twice.

Drink stength:  1

Overall:  ??

Dick’s Last Resort
2211 North Lamar Street
(214) 747-0001

Monday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | 1/2 price apps, $3 wells, $2.50 domestic pints, $3.75 margaritas, $4 wine