Tiffany Tran

I’m a Dallas-born lady with some West coast in my blood and some East coast sensibilities. I love books, movies, and 90s television, and can prove it by paraphrasing almost any famous lines of dialogue or literature ever written. I’m a proud aunt to a puppy named Maybelle, who shakes her butt with happiness every time she sees me (which is nice, but sets unrealistic expectations of the other significant figures in my life). 

At any given time, you’re likely to find me anywhere the drinks are potently delightful and the food is delicious and photogenic. I’m forever on a noble quest to discover the city’s most delicious classic daiquiri.

I once met someone who told me they were impressed with how good my memory was, but I can’t remember who told me or when. What is this again?

TiffanyBeat: Dallas and wherever the wind blows me … or Susie tells me to go
Hometown: San Diego, CA
In Dallas Since: 2014
Day Job: financial analyst, Owner of Sneaker Baby Macarons

Favorite Cocktail: Classic Daiquiri
Home Cocktail: whiskey neat or an ice cold glass of Lakewood French Quarter Temptress
Favorite Bar: Parliament, The Standard Pour, Midnight Rambler, Armoury, D.E., Black Swan … ok, bars. You can find her at bars.
Spirit Animal: the hummingbird because it’s always flitting about and consumes 50% of its weight in food every day

Instagram: @nerdy_drinker
Snapchat: tiffytran15