Corner Bakery’s UnFlat Event & Giveaway

Corner Bakery is one of my personal favorites for a quick, wholesome breakfast or lunch, so I was very excited when they invited our team in to check out their new menu offerings: a series of breakfast and lunch “flats”, that are anything but; hence the name of this event, Corner Bakery’s “UnFlat Event”.

Corner Bakery has added three new breakfast flats and four new lunch (or dinner!) flats to their sandwich lineup. Each variety is loaded with fresh and flavorful ingredients stuffed into a pillowy grilled flatbread, and awesomely enough, they all boast a calorie count under 330 calories. I had the opportunity to try several varieties at this very tasty event, prepared fresh by Chef Ric Scicchitano, the EVP Food & Supply Chain- and they were ALL delicious!


The new breakfast flats include:

  • Avocado and Spinach Power Flat – scrambled eggs with fresh avocado and spinach, and cheddar & Parmesan cheeses in a grilled multigrain flatbread.
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon Power Flat – scrambled eggs with applewood smoked bacon and cheddar & Parmesan cheeses in a grilled multigrain flatbread.
  • Ham and Spinach Flat – scrambled eggs with smoked ham, cheddar & Parmesan cheeses, and fresh spinach in a grilled multigrain flatbread

The new lunch/dinner flats include:

  • Southwest Chicken – all-natural grilled chicken, zesty slaw, corn and tomato salsa, house-pickled jalapeños and avocado ranch dressing
  • Chicken Caesar – all-natural grilled chicken, romaine, bruschetta tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing
  • (my personal favorite..) Caprese – fresh mozzarella, bruschetta tomatoes, arugula and Parmesan cheese
  • BBQ Pork – pulled barbecue pork, tangy slaw, house-pickled red onions and avocado ranch dressing

One of the things I love about Corner Bakery’s menu is the way they really give you the ability to mix things up with all of their combos. The lunch/dinner flats can be ordered with your choice of two Grilled Flats (served with baby carrots), as a Corner Combo (pairing one Grilled Flat with a cup of homemade soup, Caesar Salad or Mixed Greens), or as part of The Trio (where guests can personalize their own meal, choosing from more than 5,000 combinations of specialty salads, homemade soups and now Grilled Flats). Personally, I am making it my goal to try them all.

Make it your goal to try them all, too!  We’re giving away $25 to Corner Bakery!  Just tweet @drinkdallas and tell us which flat you’d like to try!  We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, June 30!

The Corner Bakery
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**Corner Bakery sponsored this giveaway.**


Dallas #BoozeNews: June 25, 2015

Grey Goose is offering you the chance to win a trip to France … seriously.  All you do is record the highlight of your Summer Soirée (5-15 seconds) and post to Instagram or Twitter using #SummerSoiree.  It’s that easy!  (A panel of judges will select the winning video.) RULES

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery is now under new ownership, will be opening additional locations, and is moving its Highland Park Village location to the Shops of Highland Park (4260 Oak Lawn Ave).


Lisa Garza | Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Lisa’s doing it again!  Sissy’s Southern Kitchen creator, Lisa Garza-Selcer, is joining forces with Patton Robertson of Five Sixty to open a new concept in Downtown Dallas (1525 Elm Street), Shelby Hall.  It’ll feature “Mississippi Delta and Lowcountry, and a bourbon-heavy beverage program.  The beverage program will be anchored by signature Jim Beam white and brown bourbon barrel-aged cocktails, and a curated wine and beer list.”  (OMG now all I want is fried chicken.)

The Omni Dallas Hotel is making some moves. Last week they started construction on their two new concepts to join Bob’s, Texas Spice, and The Owner’s Box–Dallas favorite NY-style pizza joint, Coal Vines, and a new German-style beer garden concept, Biergarten.  Both will open August 10 and will offer lunch, dinner, and brunch!

Hey, Uptowners … ready to get your neighborhood back from the congestion from the new Whole Foods development on McKinney?  Good news … the 38,000 square foot Whole Foods Market Uptown will officially open August 12 at 8am!

Del Frisco’s Grille opened its 4th DFW location in Plano at The Shops at Legacy on June 21 to bring Collin County residents their creative comfort food.  Stop in for lunch or dinner or join them on weekends for brunch!


Hopdoddy Black+Blue Burger
Hopdoddy Black+Blue Burger

Hopdoddy’s newest special is the Black & Blue Burger (Black Angus Beef, Blue Cheese, Black Pepper Aioli, Apple Wood Bacon, Fig and Onion Marmalade, Brioche Bun).  I mean … I can’t eat it because I’m allergic to blue cheese, so who’s gonna tell me how delicious it is?
Cost: $11
Available: through June 28

They’re also getting into brunch in a serious way with their Brunch Burger (Spam Patty, Swiss Cheese, Fried Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Sassy Sauce, Egg Bun).
Cost: $7, $10 with a mini brunch cocktail
Available: at McKinney Ave location only on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-2pm (until they run out daily)



Caledonia Spirits

I recently attended an event highlighting Caledonia Spirits and have been intrigued by the brand since. Each of their spirits is crafted in small batches with Vermont honey. (And this honey is le-git! I was given a jar of raw honey to take home and taste and I don’t think I will be able to go back to honey as I knew it. This raw, unfiltered honey has never been heated so it has traces of pollen, propolis, and beeswax.

Barr Hill Gin (90 proof) is handcrafted in small batches. Raw honey is added just before bottling with a finishing taste of juniper berries. Barr Hill Gin has a gold medal and “Gin of the Year” at the 2013 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition and it won the a double gold meal at the 2012 New York International Spirits Competition.

Tom Cat Barrel-Aged Gin (86 proof) is aged for four to six months in new, charred American White Oak barrels. It has whiskey-like notes of oak and spice with a finish of juniper and honey.

Barr Hill Vodka (80 proof) is handcrafted in small batches completely from raw honey. It has notes of honey, flowers, and vanilla and has a very smooth finish and was (way too) easy to drink.

Oh, and all three of these products are gluten-free and kosher … so that’s neat.


If you are ever in Vermont and want to check out the distillery:
46 Log Yard Drive
P.O. Box 1249
Hardwick, Vermont 05843

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 11am-3pm (July-December)


Let’s Get (Pepper) Smashed

I’m a big fan of the “fancy” cocktail. Don’t get me wrong … there is a time and a place for a good ol’ plain Jane vodka soda. (Usually that time is whenever I am on a diet, and that place is wallowing in a pool of sadness…just kidding! …kind of.)  But, if I really want to savor what I’m drinking, I enjoy seeing what happens when bartenders are allowed to flex their mixology muscles and craft drinks that stretch beyond the realm of classic cocktail offerings. If you’ve never been to Pepper Smash at The Shops at Legacy in Plano, believe me when I say that “creative” is their thing. I am still trying to figure out whether their cocktails are more aptly described as “art,” or “science,”- but whatever the case may be- they are mixing up some mighty delicious libations.

Pepper Smash graciously invited me in to check out a few of their new menu offerings, and of course to reacquaint myself with a few of their delicious signature cocktails.

We kicked off the evening with one of Pepper Smash’s most popular cocktails: the Fire Smoked Dr. Pepper ($11). As the name suggests, this cocktail is quite literally smoked before your very eyes, infusing Maker’s Mark with a smoldering oak essence created with a nifty apparatus apparently designed for this very purpose (though it vaguely looks like something Walter White would have stashed in his RV). Imperial sugar Dr. Pepper is add to the mix, giving the cocktail a delightfully familiar sweet-smokiness.

Smoked wood chips are impressive, to be sure, but you aren’t really winning at craft cocktails until you throw a cotton candy machine into the mix. That’s right, Pepper Smash keeps a cotton candy machine behind the bar for the sole purpose of crafting one drink: the Cotton Candy Martini ($10 — Absolut, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, champagne, and you guessed it: cotton candy). I had a hard time conceptualizing how this cocktail would “work”, so I had to order it to see for myself. A familiar fluffy cloud of pink cotton candy is served in a martini glass, and the liquid ingredients are then poured over the cotton candy, which dissolves amidst a fleeting instant of melancholy. But, you can still taste it. Not shockingly, this cocktail is on the saccharine side and reminded me vaguely of a boozy Orange Crush. Definitely an interesting selection.

Because cotton candy machines and booze smoking apparatuses apparently aren’t enough, Pepper Smash offers two cocktails that are frozen with liquid nitrogen: the Pineapple Express ($11 — Bacardi Pineapple, ginger, pineapple juice, champagne) and the Triple M’s Explosion ($12 — pineapple and strawberry infused vodka). The presentation of this duo is dramatic to say the least, as wisps of “smoke” dance atop your cocktail glass  when it is placed in front of you.

Liquid Nitrogen

“But, what is a Pepper Smash,” you may wonder? I’m glad you asked, because I simply can’t visit without ordering one. The cocktail kitchen’s namesake, the Pepper Smash ($10), incorporates a bold blend of Tito’s vodka, red bell pepper, jalapeno, onions marinated in 100 proof vodka agave, and lime juice. Spicy and robust with just a hint of sweetness, this unique savory cocktail is probably my favorite one on the menu. (I recommended it to the guy seated next to me at the bar, and he ended up drinking three.)  I say the Pepper Smash is “probably” my favorite, because I have a hard time dismissing Eden’s Garden ($12 — Plymouth gin, elderflower, cucumber, basil, mint, jalapeno, lime juice- as a close second).

Pepper Smash Signature Cocktail
Pepper Smash Signature Cocktail

With so many creative, tasty cocktails to focus on, it would be easy to overlook the food at Pepper Smash. Don’t. Everything I have ever sampled from their kitchen has been seriously delicious. Sometimes, I find myself day dreaming about their Smokey Mac & Cheese ($9 — cavatappi pasta, sharp cheddar, gruyere, smoke). Everything I sampled on this visit was equally as tempting.

We started out with the Pimento Cheese ($8), which was topped with bacon jam, and accompanied by buttery grilled sourdough and blistered shishito peppers. Holy new favorite appetizer. If there is something in this world that cannot be improved upon by bacon jam, I want to hear about it.

Pimento Cheese
Pimento Cheese

Pepper Smash always hits it out of the park with their flatbreads, and this visit was no exception. We sampled the Al Pastor ($12 — cider braised pulled pork, sweet onion puree, pineapple, jalapeño, and lime). The toppings were generously portioned, with a little taste of every ingredient in every bite. If you are a fiend for spicy dishes, this flatbread is definitely for you; loaded with fresh jalapeños, this dish definitely woke up my palate.

El Pastor Flat Bread
El Pastor Flatbread

When it comes time for dessert and the manager asks, “Wanna try something weird?” there’s clearly only one correct response. We were presented with a liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream concoction- incorporating Licor 43, vanilla ice cream base, basil, and fresh strawberries. I love unexpected flavors in desserts, and the basil was an awesome addition. This was an off-menu delight, but I feel confident it can be snagged upon request.

TLDR: the next time you feel inclined to treat yo’self to an incredibly unique, seriously indulgent cocktail experience (yes, it really is an experience), + some killer eats, head on over to Pepper Smash at the Shops at Legacy. (And probably plan on Ubering it because the urge to try all of the cocktails on the menu is pretty overwhelming.)


Twitter | Facebook
7200 Bishop Rd, Plano, TX 75024
(972) 943-0499

Happy Hour: 3-6pm Daily
$3 beer | $3 wells | $6 domestic wines

MON – THU 3 PM – 11 PM
FRI – SAT 11 AM – 1 AM
SUN 11 AM – 11 PM


Table 10 (Las Vegas, NV)

Las Vegas has a little bit of everything.  It seems one of the first stops for chefs after their home city.  Luckily, Emeril has more than one concept in Sin City from bank-breaking chef’s tables to more reasonable options.  Anyone who has set foot in Las Vegas knows that, while drinks are (sometimes) free, it can be an expensive city.  For that reason, I was delighted to enjoy a meal at Table 10 in the Palazzo and was pleased that they have a four course meal option for just $48.

After a long evening of shopping (one word: Barney’s) and five (or just one) Coffee Bean Ultimate Iced Blendeds, a relaxing evening at Table 10 was just what the doctor ordered.  The staff was incredibly welcoming and the atmosphere was relaxing thanks to the low lighting and dark furniture.  I sat in the dining room, but if I ventured in again alone I’d sit at the Food Bar, no question.  It gives diners a view of the action in the kitchen and shows just how well the chefs know their craft.

I started my evening with a Lagasse Lemonade (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort, vanilla & pomegranate syrups, and fresh lemon juice) when my waiter told me it’s the most popular drink.  I enjoyed it, but it was a bit sweet for my taste so I got a bit of club soda to mellow the sweetness.  (Win.)

LAGASSE LEMONADE (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort, vanilla & pomegranate syrups, fresh lemon juice)
(Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort, vanilla & pomegranate syrups, fresh lemon juice)

Before ordering dinner, I wanted to be good and prepped, so I ordered an Emeril’s Passion (Emeril’s Eagle Rare bourbon, passion fruit puree, Luxardo liqueur) as my second drink.  It packed a punch and, while still nicely sweet, wasn’t overwhelming.  It was JUUUUUST drinkable enough.


For dinner, I opted for the four course menu which offered some traditional American dishes from seafood to steak and Pea Ravioli.  I started with the seasonal soup, Lobster Bisque with melted truffle butter which was incredibly rich without being overpowered by truffle.  My appetizer was the easiest choice I made all night … Candied Farm Bacon served with warm maple syrup cured in a 10 year old bourbon barrel.  Seriously … that stuff was unreal.  It was all … BAM.  (I just had to.)

I was craving steak that day (I mean … I kind of am every day.) so I ordered the 6 Ounce Filet which was served a perfect medium with light vegetables.  I was so full so it took every bit of my strength not to stuff myself silly … because I wanted to.  Dessert was a tough choice, but I went with the White Chocolate Malassadas coated with cinnamon sugar and filled with white chocolate served with raspberry sauce to accompany my perfectly crafted latte.

Table 10 offers happy hour daily and live music in the bar on weekend nights.   Sit in the large bar area for a lively atmosphere or sit in the dining room for a more intimate meal.  Table 10 also offers a private dining room with the badass glass that frosts with the touch of a button.  (So cool.)

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
The Palazzo 3327 Las Vegas Blvd South, Suite 2900, Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 607-6363

Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktails in Dallas

So … I’m a whiskey fan.  If you’ve read a lick of anything I’ve written, you’ll know that.  I like most (good) whiskies, but one of my absolute favorites is Jameson Irish Whiskey.  I mean … for starters, it’s Irish. (And who doesn’t love Irishmen … err Irish things?!)  But for real … it’s some damn good stuff.  Jameson is a traditional Irish whiskey with a peppery but sweet nose and a smooth taste with a nice balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes thanks to the sherry casks used for aging.

If the extent of your enjoyment of Jameson is a shot with a pickle back, shame on you.  (Kind of.  Ok, not really … I’m not mad at it.  You just have a lot more to enjoy from this spirit.)  I was given the chance recently to spend an evening with Dallas’ Jameson ambassador, Darren, at Henry’s Majestic trying some of the amazing things that their bartenders are doing with Jameson beyond traditional whiskey treatments.  The pictures below pale in comparison to how they actually tasted.  From sweet cocktails with fresh fruit to more traditional whiskey cocktails with bitters, they were all amazing.  (Well … except one, but it was totally the grapefruit’s fault.  Damn that icky grapefruit.)

Stop in to Henry’s Majestic and see them and challenge them to wow you with Jameson … you won’t be disappointed.

(Another note: go see Stephen H. at Parliament and ask him for a Jameson Black Barrel Manhattan or let him go crazy and do his own thing.  He knows how to make Jameson sing.  Example: the unreal cocktail he made me where he SMOKED Jameson.  I kid you not.  Proof below.)


Thanks again to Darren for the fun night and the badass swag!

Dallas #BoozeNews: June 15, 2015

Dallas’ newest alcohol delivery app, Drizly (like grizzly … not drizzle-y) is now in business thanks to a partnership with Goody Goody Liquor!  Joining the likes of MiniBar and Lash, the company boasts its 3,000 beer, wine, and liquor products will be available for the best prices in the city and with delivery times under one hour.

Service areas in its 15th city include Downtown Dallas, West End, Deep Ellum, Oak Lawn, Uptown, Knox/Henderson, Highland Park, University Park, Lower Greenville, Lakewood, Preston Hollow, and Lake Highlands with more areas in the works.

Get free delivery through June 25 on all orders if you use the code HELLODALLAS and, if you’re one of the first 200 users to order, you’ll receive a free Bullzerk t-shirt.


GAPC Lunch
GAPC Lunch

Lowest Greenville’s favorite drunk pizza join, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, will serve lunch daily starting at 11am.  They’ll offer their regular menu along with a $10 lunch special (a slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza, a Caesar salad, and a drink).  Just don’t forget their famous pizza crack seasoning!

How about a round of bowling over lunch? Plano entertainment venue, PINSTACK, now offers $10 lunch specials Monday through Friday, 11am to 2pm for the following combos which include a drink.

PICK TWO COMBO: ½ sandwich, mixed greens, soup, Caesar
PIZZA COMBO: 8” pizza with mixed greens or Caesar
BURGER COMBO: PINSTACK signature burger with chips or seasoned fries

Cook Hall Lunch Box Burger
Cook Hall Lunch Box Burger

Cook Hall will now offer lunch specials dubbed “lunch boxes”.  Choose from the following:

Starter: Popcorn Shrimp OR Tomato Basil Soup
Greens: Fresh Kale Salad, Pickled Lemon, Fried Egg & Drizzle, Chopped Salad with Bleu Cheese, OR Mixed Green Salad
Entrée: Cook Hall Burger with Fries, Grilled Chicken on Ciabatta with Fig Jam & Goat Cheese, Rigatoni Pasta with Short Rib Bolognese, OR Crispy Fish Sandwich
Dessert: Butterscotch Pudding with Sea Salt & Caramel, S’Mores with Graham Cracker Ice Cream, OR Season Sorbet


Hopdoddy Peach Cobbler Shake
Hopdoddy Peach Cobbler Shake

Georgia transplants: Hopdoddy Burger Bar has your number.  Stop in for their current milkshake special, the Peach Cobbler Shake (handmade ice cream, peach cobbler filling, pie crust, macerated peach slice, and whipped cream)!
Cost: ($6)
Available: through June 21
Peach Cobbler Shake Special:



Pinstack: Bowling, Bites, and Brews

I have a confession to make: from time to time, I exhibit symptoms of DADHD (that’s Drinking Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for the un-afflicted). Some evenings, I am perfectly content sitting on a relaxing patio, sipping on a tasty cocktail, and feeling the breeze in my hair (and subsequently detaching my tresses from my sticky/glossy lips, but that’s another story #girlproblems). BUT, on other occasions, I get restless … antsy … fidgety … and compulsive phone checking may or may not commence. I need something more. Enter: Pinstack! Boasting 50,000 sq ft of drinking, dining, bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, a ropes course, and games-galore, Pinstack is basically the answer to my DADHD prayers.

Right about now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Ok, I’ve been to a couple of these ‘bowling and more’ spots, and they seem to be pretty interchangeable.” Nope, nope, nope. I am here to tell you, Pinstack is not like the “other guys”. Admittedly, most of the bowling/entertainment complexes I’ve visited in the past have felt as though the proprietor decided to open a bowling alley, and “Oh, I guess that means we’ll need to offer some sort of food and drink as an afterthought.” At Pinstack, you’ll feel as though you are visiting a top -notch restaurant and bar, which just so happen to be attached to an amazing entertainment complex.


First, high praise goes to Pinstack for strategically locating their main bar, restaurant, and patio (yes, patio!)  in an area that’s largely offset from the bowling and entertainment areas of the building. If not for the tell-tale bowling pin art adorning the walls, it would be easy to forget you are, in fact, at a bowling alley. (But what’s a guy or gal to do if they require a drink refill…or three…while bowling? Worry not, friends, as Pinstack provides lane-side food and beverage service, and access to a secondary bar located in the heart of Bowling Land!) The sprawling bar area is adorned with numerous jumbo screen TVs that would give any sports bar a run for its money. The large, covered patio is equipped with a number of high-powered fans to keep you cool, and on Thursday and Friday evenings, you can catch live acoustic music sets from 6:00-10:00 PM.

Logistical considerations are just the icing on the cake in considering what makes Pinstack so gosh darn appealing. Behind the well-appointed bar, they are serving up an impressive variety of libations. For starters, Pinstack’s drink menu features a dozen tempting craft cocktails. I had an opportunity to try the Gin Smash- Farmer’s Gin, fresh lemon juice, mint, honey, & Bar Keep Apple Bitters ($12). This cocktail was light, refreshing, and well-balanced, with a perfect ratio of sweet, sour, and minty goodness. I also sampled the Cello Mule– Tito’s Vodka, Limoncello, fresh lime juice, & Gosling’s Ginger Beer ($13), which was about as delightful as a summer breeze.

As much as I enjoyed my cocktails (which was a lot…), I think I was even more excited to learn of another alcoholic option Pinstack has to offer: beer & wine flights, my friends. Oh, yes. I will forever be a sucker for the tasting flight, and Pinstack serves up beer and wine tasting trios- curated by you- for just $7 and $9, respectively. In addition to a variety of domsetics and imports, Pinstack features 10 local rotator taps for your sipping pleasure. On the vino front, Pinstack is pouring six interesting selections by the cask, in addition to a wide variety of bottle/glass offerings.


As you can see, Pinstack’s beverage offerings are a far cry from your familiar plastic bowling alley pitcher of PBR. Well, guess what: The quality and creativity of Pinstack’s edible offerings are equally impressive. Pinstack has rolled out a new spring menu, and I had the opportunity to politely sample (read: I totally stuffed my face) a few of their delectable offerings. First, I want to talk about the Party Platter, which isn’t for the faint of heart. This bad boy serves 6-8, and comes fully loaded with loaded potato skins, fried mozzarella, chips and salsa, FRIED MAC N’ CHEESE POPS with a tomato basil dipping sauce (what?!), and some plump n’ juicy chicken wangs ($36). Everything I tasted on this (freaking massive) platter was delicious, but those mac n’ cheese pops? They were the star of the show- and yes, you can order them a la carte for 9 well spent bucks. We munched on a beautiful artisan Meat and Cheese Board ($11), which was generously appointed and encompassed some interesting and tasty selections ( Red pepper crusted goat cheese balls? Yes, please).

The entree I was most impressed with was the Stack Mac Burger ($13), which is admittedly not for the faint of heart. Remember that fried mac’ n cheese I mentioned earlier? Stick it on top of a burger, and slather the whole thing in tomato basil sauce … and, yeah. You get the picture. Other decadent entree offerings include a 12 oz. Ribeye ($24), a Grownup Grilled Cheese ($9), and a number of unconventional pizza offerings, like the Honey Bee ($12)topped with Italian sausage, black forest ham, and you guessed it, honey.  If you find yourself in search of a *slightly* lighter dish (you know, the stuff I should be eating given my impending nuptials), you might give some consideration to the Blackened Mahi Mahi ($19), topped with a pineapple pico and a sweet chili glaze, plated atop Jasmine riceAnother lovely lighter option is the Spring Greens Salad ($9), featuring goat cheese, candied pecans, grapes, and a champagne vinaigrette- topped with chicken or salmon, if you are so inclined.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? Allow me tell you a little bit about the variety of entertainment options you will find available, once you manage to peel yourself away from Pinstack’s enticing bar area. Pinstack offers 28 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, 20 of which are public and 8 private (perfect for parties and corporate events). That being said, bowling is just the beginning. Pinstack also features a two-story laser tag arena … who doesn’t love laser tag? (seriously, if you can’t having fun playing laser tag, please escort yourself here?) They also offer a bumper car arena if you’re feeling a little rambunctious, a high ropes course, towering 20 feet above the arcade area, and a 28 foot LED rock wall … if you’re feeling a little adventurous.  Speaking of the arcade area, Pinstack offers a pretty insane variety of state of the art games and novelties, and they own a few games that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, like their brand spankin’ new Jurassic Park game. They also have a claw machine game where you can win Ben & Jerry’s. What more do I really need to say?

 | Twitter | Instagram
972.781.BOWL (2695)

Pinstack hosts Happy Hour Monday- Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM

  • $1 off draft beers
  • $5 cask wines
  • $5 margaritas

Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday – 11:00 AM – Midnight
Friday – 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM

susie knows all things boozy in dallas …