Do It #ForKidd

Check out this awesome campaign from Kidd Nation:

On the anniversary of Kidd Kraddick’s untimely passing, we all feel that it is important to honor Kidd and his strong belief in the power of “Paying It Forward.”

So, this weekend (July 25-27), we want you to: “DO IT FOR KIDD.”

What does this mean? The memory of Kidd Kraddick should inspire you to continue his legacy of giving, through performing random acts of kindness.


When you’re asked why you did something nice for someone else, you can simply reply: “Kidd’s memory inspired me” or “I did it for Kidd.”


To further honor Kidd, on Monday, July 28, we’ll share our favorite memories of the man who gave so much to so many people for so many years.

And at 8:30 ET/7:30 CT, the show will observe a special “Moment of Noise!”



Hi. My name is Brian, and I have a confession that will be hard to hear for most Texans: At some point in the last 5 years, I gave up on Tex-Mex/Mexican. I didn’t stop eating it or anything, but after hopping from place to place, it all was beginning to run together to the point where seeking out new places or menu items lost all appeal. I think this came about from excessive exposure – especially when every night out in Uptown had to be started with a group of 12 (8 girls, 2 beaten-down dates, 2 single guys usually) headed to Primo’s (RIP), MiCo’s or Chuy’s. It’s not that I don’t like it – I just sort of realized that if I went limp and stayed real still, Mexican food would still find me.

Picture courtesy of Cubierto’s
Picture courtesy of Cubierto’s

That’s why when Susie asked me if I’d tried Cubierto’s, I made a note of it, but didn’t rearrange any immediate plans. To her credit, she didn’t give up, and kept telling me that I wouldn’t regret the trip. Finally, as the polar vortex welcomed me home to DFW from a work trip, I felt the long-dead Tex-Mex craving knew it was time … time for Tex-Mex.

As I walked up to the building, I had hesitations. The patio looked great and expansive, but it was still early in the evening and the happy hour crowd hadn’t quite been replaced by the night diners. Then, there was a note on the door about following a dress code. This was obviously a chance to write my own Addison/North Dallas joke, but instead, I opened the door and found a very happy hostess, a great atmosphere and live music going on by the bar. The service was extremely welcoming and pleasant (not always a given during this time of night on a weekend as folks recover and gear up for the second wave.)

For drinks, I tried two different margaritas – the house-made frozen one as this experiment’s constant, and then the higher end offering on the menu. The frozen one was good – not too sweet, the tequila came through and it was very refreshing, but there’s only so much you can say about a frozen house margarita. The top shelf one with cointreau was perfect. The overbearing sweetness that usually limits me to a margarita or two every few months had been replaced by a balanced taste of tequila, lime and orange that was equally enjoyed by my margarita-eschewing fiancée. I found myself wishing I had just started with this one and couldn’t even bring myself to try the sangria or the pepper cocktail, but have both of those on my list for next time.

For a meal, we had the chicken mole and the tenderloin quesadillas, which were both excellent. I had a friend in college who had family in Mexico City and was obsessed with finding the perfect dish, and this was about the closest I’d seen anything come to the homemade attempts we’d all split after being disappointed elsewhere. The quesadillas were also fantastic and replaced the ones at Tupinamba’s as my favorite, rarely-mentioned quesadillas in Dallas.

I owe Susie for convincing me to check this place out and definitely recommend the trip to anyone looking for something a little bit different than the usual Dallas spots.

Drink strength: 4.5 of 5 (that top shelf will get you)
Food: 4.5 of 5 (everything from the salsa trio to the entrees was excellent – and there’s a lot more to try we missed)

Cubiertos Gourmet Mexican and Margarita Bar
facebook | Twitter: @CubiertosDallas | Instagram: @CubiertosDallas
18020 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75287
(972) 381-7779

Astoria Wine

Astoria Caffe & Wine Bar

Truth be told, I find wine to be a bit intimidating. I can’t do what sommeliers do. I’m a beer guy. I have no idea how to really even “taste” wine as a professional would, seeking out hints of boysenberry (what does boysenberry even taste like???) or a lingering aftertaste of leather or graphite (whaaa?). I couldn’t tell you if a wine should be older or drunk the same year it’s made, and I have no idea of the “terroirs” associated with different wines. (Wait … since when are dog breeds involved in wine-making???) Nevertheless, the staff at Astoria Caffe & Wine Bar in Addison Circle makes me feel like a pro and helps me get to just the right glass (or three) of vino.

Wine and CheeseI recently had the chance to visit this corner bar with the wife for a light dinner of wine and cheese (which is totally acceptable). This wine bar is family-owned, completely unpretentious, and boasts a diverse selection of wines and a small, well thought-out menu. It’s the kind of place where you can see yourself being a regular. For those who aren’t big wine drinkers, don’t fret, Astoria stocks a selection of domestic and imported beers, too.

For the casual wine drinker who doesn’t want to an entire bottle (or the indecisive), there are plenty of choices available by the glass. I thought that the prices for both glasses and bottles of wine were quite reasonable. If you’re looking for something in particular or just need help with a recommendation, the staff is eager to help and knowledgeable about the bar’s offerings.

Astoria is intimate and cozy, allowing one to quickly feel right at home. The interior has a dozen or so small tables as well as a dog-friendly front patio surrounded by lush trees. This wine bar attracts an eclectic mix of patrons that range from the mature wine snob to young couples to hipsters. Those looking for a great first date spot in Addison or those simply looking to unwind with a glass of good wine in a relaxed atmosphere can look no further.

Whether you’re an experienced wine buff or an amateur like me, there’s a lot to appreciate at Astoria Caffe!

ASTORIA CAFFE & WINE BAR | (972) 239-5853
15701 Quorum Drive, Addison, Texas 75001
Facebook | Instagram: @Astoriacaffe_Winebar | Twitter: @Astoriacafewine

Happy Hour: Daily from 3pm to 7pm

  • Monthly bottle specials
  • Live-music on select nights



Bread Winners Summer Cocktails

Bread Winners rolled out a new line of cocktails for the summer, and they’re pretty delish!

  • Brunch Punch (split of champagne, St. Germain, cranberry) – the St. Germain is a perfect touch to this poinsettia.  It’s light and perfect for those of us looking for a mimosa replacement.
  • Texas Bluebonnet Mojito (Texas rum, fresh mint, berries, lime) – all I have written in my notes here is “yum”.
  • Mango Fizz (split of prosecco, fresh mango puree) – this wasn’t my favorite of the bunch, but others were pretty into it.
  • Prickly Pear Lemonade (vodka, lemonade, prickly pear nectar) – vroom vroom party starter!!! I really liked this one. It’s really light, not too sweet, and had a unique flavor.
  • French Kiss (split of prosecco, X-Rated liqueur) – this simple drink was another that I wasn’t all about–mostly because I had a bad weekend in college with X-Rated liqueur.

These “hangover elixirs” will run you $10 each. And just because these are new and sexy does’t mean you can ignore the Bloody Diablo. Just sayin’.

***I was able to try these cocktails free of charge.***

Where to Get Your Adult Milkshake Fix

Ice cream, desserts, and booze: these are a few of my favorite things.

With national ice cream month upon us, it appears there is no better time than now to enjoy this match made in heaven. Pick your favorite frozen pint of dairy, blend it with a splash (okay, splash is a little naïve) of Kahlua or booze of choice and top with desired toppings like whipped cream, peanut butter cups, and fudge.

But then again, Dallas has its fair share of adult milkshakes floating around town and something of this measure should really be left to the experts. That being said here is a roundup of some of my favorite places to get that boozy shake fix.

Grub's American Pie Adult Milkshake (picture from @puccihoochie)
Grub’s American Pie Adult Milkshake (picture from @puccihoochie)

Grub Burger Bar (Greenville, Midtown)

  • Bourbon & Caramel
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Vodka, crème de cacao, crème de menthe and Andes mints
  • Birthday Cakefetti: Cake vodka and sprinkles
  • Moonshine American Pie: Apple pie moonshine, applie pie filling, bakes pie crust, maple syrup, vodka and kosher salt, grated cinnamon and granola crumble
  • Dirty Kitchen Sink: Chocolate vodka, pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds and potato chips
  • Tipsy Worms & Dirt: Vodka, crushed Oreos and gummy worms

Kenny’s Burger Joint (Plano)

  • Insomniac: Espresso vodka, Kahlua, Baileys and chocolate syrup
  • Attitude Changer: Stoli vanil, Godiva dark chocolate liquor and Oreos
  • Easy Rider: Maker’s Mark and caramel
  • Chocolate Grasshopper: Crème de menthe, white crème de cocoa and Oreos

Pop Diner (Uptown, West Village)

  • Jack Honey Shake: Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey
  • Butterfinger Blitz: Rum, chocolate syrup, milk and butterfingers:
  • Rumchata Shake: Premium Caribbean rum, dairy cream, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream
  • Jam-O-Shake: Jameson Whiskey
  • Milky Way Shake: Rum, caramel liquor, Milky Ways and chocolate syrup
  • Vanilla Shake: Vanilla vodka
  • Strawberry Shake: Strawberry vodka
  • Chocolate Raspberry Shake: Raspberry vodka
  • Cracker Jack Shake: Salted caramel vodka and butter popcorn vodka
  • Strawberry Banana Shake: Banana liquor and strawberry vodka
Twisted Root Adult Milkshake (Big Fat Elvis)
Twisted Root Adult Milkshake (Big Fat Elvis)

Twisted Root Burger Co. (Various)

  • Cookies & Cream: Amaretto and Oreo cookies
  • Bailey’s & Banana: Bailey’s Irish Cream and 99 Bananas Liquor
  • Chocolate Cake: Vanilla vodka, Frangelico and chocolate vodka
  • Fruit Loops: Strawberries and 99 Bananas Liquor
  • PB & Chocolate: Chocolate vodka and peanut butter
  • German Chocolate Cake: Malibu rum, chocolate vodka and pecans
  • Grandpa’s Favorite: Butterscotch schnapps and vanilla
  • Rocky Road: Amaretto, chocolate vodka, pecans and marshmallows
  • Chocolate Bananas: 99 Bananas Liqueur, chocolate vodka and chocolate chips
  • Wayne’s Favorite: Tuaca
Grub Adult Milkshake
Grub Adult Milkshake

Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Uptown, Preston Hollow)

  • You can add any booze you want to the shakes listed on the menu
  • Current Special: Tiramisu

Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar (Uptown, Plano)

  • Tall In The Saddle: Nocello, white crème de cacao, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, white chocolate shavings
  • Rio Grande: Stoli blueberi vodka house cheesecake, vanilla ice crea, whipped cream, blueberries
  • Dusty Trail: Gin, Kahlua, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate shavings
  • Rusty Spur: Amaretto, irish cream, Kahlua, chunk of fudge cake, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cherry
Snuffer’s Adult Milkshake (off-menu)

Snuffer’s Burgers (Greenville, Addison, Rockwall, )

They actually don’t offer them on the menu, but it’s a Snuffer’s secret that you can ask for them!

Alamo Drafthouse (Dallas, Richardson)

  • Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Shake: Breckridge Porter (nitro)
  • Grasshopper Shake: Crème de cacao, crème de menthe, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Irish Coffee Shake: Bailey’s Irish Cream, vanilla ice cream, coffee and whipped cream
  • Maker’s Mark Milk Punch Shake: Maker’s Mark, vanilla ice cream, nutmeg and whipped cream
  • Reposado Chocolate Shake: Reposado tequila, chocolate, cinnamon and whipped cream
  • The Temptress Shake: Lakewood Milk Stout (nitro)

Spark Something New at P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s was kind of my bf’s and my Sunday night date spot.  We would sidle up to the bar for a late dinner and a few drinks and enjoy the goings-on behind the bar and whatever we decided to gorge on that evening.

Luckily, we have some new items to explore!  P.F.  Chang’s has a new menu of small plates, sushi, and some yummy drinks to try out.  How about a Twisted Whiskey Sour?  Or a Coconut Water cocktail?  Or a Long Island Rum Tea … yeah, they’re all pretty good.  (Yes, I tried them all … yes, I had a hangover.)  While their drinks have never been strong enough to get you into any trouble, the flavors are light and refreshing.

We enjoyed drinks (and more drinks), a couple appetizers (Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps … because Lettuce Wraps and Edamame Hummus–which was so f**king delicious that I was tempted to order another plate of it), some of their new sushi offerings (the Tempura Shrimp Hand Rolls are kind of out of this world and the Ahi Tartare is a winner), and dessert.  The Great Wall of Chocolate is always a winner (especially the day after … right out of the fridge … with some extra raspberry sauce …) and their new Sweet Vanilla Cream Wontons (just get two because they’re really rich).  Order a latte to-go so the drinks from the night before don’t slow you down too much.

Check out their new HAPPY HOUR offerings, and their full, refreshed menu.


Grapevine Wine Tours

So … I’m all about unconventional outings–for dates, girls’ nights, and Tuesdays.  Sometimes it’s nice to get out of dodge and head to the ‘burbs, and Grapevine Wine Tours offer a fun evening away from the Big D that highlights Grapevine’s wine options.

I was lucky to join a group of media people on a wine tour on a Wednesday evening.  The group met around 5:30pm and piled into one of their small, air conditioned busses to visit three wine-centric stops in Grapevine led by a GWT representative who fed us fun facts about the city of Grapevine and its wine offerings.  (Fun fact: Texas is the 4th largest wine producing state!)  Each tour will visit three of the seven partners in Grapevine, some vineyards, some tasting rooms, and some restaurants.  The tour lasts around 4.5 hours and always includes a meal.

Our group’s itinerary was:

  • Homestead Winery – this cute, little home close to Downtown Grapevine produces wine from vines grown in Ivanhoe, Texas.  The owner of the winery walked us through a tasting of their wines (15+ — yikes).  They have some wines that are incredibly unique and were happy to talk us through the flavors and nuances of the wines we were tasting.
  • Delaney Vineyard – this vineyard is the only local vineyard and boasts 10 acres of vines, a winery, and gorgeous tasting room onsite.  We were treated to a tour of the entire site and a tasting of their offerings.  (I left with a bottle of wine from their gift shop … because I have a shopping problem.)
  • Winewood Grill – we enjoyed a three-course meal at Winewood, complete with suggested wine pairings.  I opted for the BBQ ribs, and it was a solid choice.  They had live music in the bar, which was a nice bonus.

GWTs will coordinate with your party to determine an appropriate itinerary and pick-up location (at one of three Grapevine hotels, Embassy Suites Outdoor World, Hilton DFW Lakes, or the Gaylord Texan).  Each tour is customized based on your group’s size and preferences.

Call 817.259.WINE (9463) or visit for tour prices, schedules, group rates and other details.
Tours typically cost $79.50-89.50.  You can save 10% discount on a lunch or dinner tour using the code BLOG10 (offer expires 9/1/14).

****I was invited to experience a Grapevine Wine Tour free of charge.****

susie knows all things boozy in dallas …