I don’t care how liberated this world becomes – a man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume – and a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not.

Doug Coughlin in “Cocktail”

This quote is in honor of my toasts this past weekend!

Elbow Room


I’d love to write a review about this place … but I wasn’t there long enough to even order.

I was SO excited to try this place but upon walking in, one of the waiters (I believe he may have been the owner and will from now on be called goatee guy or GG) was in a heated conversation with my dad*.  Goatee guy stormed off.  Apparently, my dad’s drink tasted a little off and, when my dad told GG, GG was incredibly rude.  No more than 30 second later, GG gets back to the table and offers up two bottles of Crown and two shot glasses and rudely tells my dad to try both and tell him which tastes wrong.  Then he dares to say “mother f****r” not only to a customer, but in front of a young lady.

Sometimes customers are rude, I will give GG that.  However, my father is one of the kindest, most mild mannered people I know and there is no way in the world that my dad would have ever acted crudely or used so little as a malediction toward GG.  My dad kept his cool, we paid, and left.  I just feel sorry for the waitress for losing our tip.

To Goatee Guy: If this somehow gets to you, I’d love to come in for a review; I’ve heard great things about your bar and I’m sure I would love it.  However, I will not set foot in your bar again until you apologize for using such invective language toward a customer.  Good work picking the wrong table to whom to be rude.

*yes, my dad is awesome and goes out for drinks with me!


My new favourite bartender, Bill, sent me over to one of the places he serves his potions.  Sadly he wasn’t there, but the drinks were still pretty darn good.  We started with frozen limoncello which reminded me of a drink from childhood but with alcohol – it was tres refreshing.

Allison and I had a couple well drinks and a blanco pizza (YUM!) but were sadly forced to cut the night short.  It was really too darn bad because the ambiance was incredibly relaxing with music was wafting from The Hacienda on Henderson and perfectly crisp air.

This would be a great place to start the night with friends because the patio has large tables and the pizza was easy to share and way too easy to eat more than you should!

Drink strength: 4

Price: 2

Urbino Pizza e Pasta
www.urbinopizza.com | @urbinopizza
2323 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 821-0044

Monday | $3 wells
Tuesday | $2 drafts


Thanks to my great readers, friends, and family my site is about to hit 1,000 followers! Not bad for a website done with no budget, eh?!

I’d love to have suggestions for places you think my party should be – leave comments and I’ll get in touch with the venue to see if it will work.  If you are a bar owner and want me to have my party at your place … let me know!

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Thanks for reading!  Keep checking for new reviews and I am always accepting suggestions for bars to review!


I’ve heard about the ladies night at Trece but always seem to be busy on Thursdays. I finally made it in and it was quite interesting. Trece has always been a magnet for the lounge lizards of Dallas and the Thursday before Halloween was no exception. We rubbed elbows with Balloon Boy, pirate hookers, and a cute sailor who just happened to be our waiter.

My friend was running a bit late so I grabbed a booth in the bar area. No less than three waiters tried to serve me before she even got there. The ladies night blueberry mojito was really good (even though they haven’t changed the prices on their menu) but their frozen drink machines weren’t working.

The free quesadillas were pretty yummy even if it was a small portion. Our dinner (which we shared) was simple and quite good but a bit expensive.

Overall, it was a somewhat expensive night even though it was ladies night. Maybe try a Monday when they offer a free two-course meal (seriously).

4513 Travis St | Dallas, TX 75205-4126
(214) 780-1900

Monday | free two-course meal (you must make a reservation, no more than 6 per party)
Thursday | 4-9 p.m. | ladies night – free quesadillas, $3 mojitos and margaritas, free valet parking
Sunday | family day – 3-course meal $15.95, kids 15 and under eat free

McCormick and Schmick’s

My favorite thing about writing these reviews is that I get recommendations for places I never would have thought had a good happy hour.  Case and point:  McCormick and Schmick’s.  My brilliant friend Matt told me about their killer happy hour specials and they really are incredible.  Where else could you get an entire meal at a nice seafood restaurant including drinks for $22?

Here’s how it goes:  cheap food, daily drink specials, and a crowded bar.  I tried the following:  a “marvelous” mojito (which it was!), red sangria, a ZiegenBock fish taco, sweet potato fries (delic.), a beef dumpling, and the McCormick’s half pound cheeseburger.  Everything was wonderful except for the burger which needed a little more spice – but for $2.95 I can reach for the pepper shaker.

The people in the bar area are varied, our waitress was nice, drinks were decently strong, and the music was incredible.  This place was quite the nice happy hour, a definite recommendation for a more chill evening.

McCormick and Schmick’s

307 NorthPark Center (on the south side beside P.F. Chang)
(214) 891-0100

Monday-Friday (4-6:30, 9-10 p.m.) and Sunday (4-9 p.m.) | food specials, sangria $5 
Monday | peach margaritas $6 
Tuesday | Captain Morgan punch $5 
Wednesday | mojitos $6 
Thursday | martinis $5.95 
Friday | Simi Rose wine $6 
Saturday | Franconia $4 
Sunday | bloody marys $4

Food specials
$1.95: ZiegenBock fish tacos, tempura vegetables, sweet potato fries, hummus
$2.95: McCormick’s half pound cheeseburger and fries
$3.95: buffalo chicken wings, beef dumplings, grill bratwurst, chile con queso
$4.95: buffalo shrimp, PEI steamed mussels, shucked oysters, BBQ ribs

Susie knows all things boozy …