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see ya (again), alligator

After we decided to find a last minute happy hour by my friend’s place on Tuesday, I was discouraged after calling the places I could think of in the West End that would be fun to review.  Lo, all their happy hours had ended so we resigned ourselves to the fact that discounted drinks were not in the cards for the night.  Boy, were we wrong…

Sauntering around the West End deciding where we’d settle for our full-priced drinks, we were walking up to Gators to see nothing but a chalkboard sign with “$2 you-call-it til close” scrawled in pink chalk across it.  We couldn’t believe it; the drinking gods were smiling upon us.

And it got better … all night, Crown and down, $2.  HOOOAH.  I went for their ridiculously fun frozen drinks first – try the barfly; it’s dementedly good and will get you equally as demented.  The drinks were pretty darn strong for $2 a throw and the service was great.

Our waiter was really nice and attentive and HONEST (there’s nothing better, right?).  So we ordered 4 or 5 drinks and snacked on their yummy fried pickles and fried green tomatoes (pickles were great, pass on the tomatoes).

This place will see us again; if not for another $2 Tuesday, then for a $1 Jello shot Thursday (oh.no.).  The crowd was fun and young for what you would think you would find in the West End.  There is live music every Friday and Saturday and a free shuttle to most American Airlines Center events (cheaper parking and cheap drinks? yes, please!)  They also have a killer patio for the warmer months.

They even have a 20% off coupon on their site!

Drink strength: 4.5 
Overall: 4

Gator’s Croc and Rock
1714 N. Market Street Dallas, Texas 75202 | (214) 748-0243 
— they just opened a new location at 18110 Midway Rd # 134, Dallas, 75287

Monday-Friday | 2-7 p.m. | HAPPY HOUR PRICES
Sunday | $5 select shots
Monday | $2.75 domestic bottles
Tuesday | $2 Crown and down
Wednesday | $7 16oz. frozen drinks
Thursday | $1 Jello shots


Breadwinner’s/Quarter Bar | 3301 McKinney Avenue (Uptown)
Starts at 4 p.m. | Free New Orleans style buffet, $3 Abita Amber, Tubo Dog, and Purple Haze, $3 Hurricanes

Dodie’s | 2129 Greenville Ave (Lower Greenville) | 214.821.8890 
WELLL … tried to call them thrice and then their voicemail was full, but they usually have a pretty fun shindig here.  But go at your own risk.  🙂

Gators | 1714 North Market Street (West End) | 214.748.0234 
$3 Hurricanes and frozen drinks, $1 Jello shots and champagne shots | Live Raggae band | BEADS BEADS BEADS!

Plush | (Downtown)
NO COVER (18+ for women, 21+ for men) | music from DJ Silver and DJ Pollux | $3 Hurricanes, $200 bottles (call Matt at 214.606.1203)

Candleroom | (Henderson)
Mercredi Gras (Fat WEDNESDAY) | music from Feezy | Complimentary valet, drink specials | RSVP at 214.370.4155