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DIY Bloody Mary Bar, starring Zodiac Vodka and Powell & Mahoney Bloody Mary Mix

I enjoy brunch. Good thing for me, because I’m pretty sure if you live in DFW and the “powers that be” find out that you are ANTI-BRUNCH, stealthy ninjas will break into your house while you sleep, extract you from your bedroom, and deposit you somewhere else. Maybe here; I’m not sure, though.  In my humble opinion, the best part about the brunch ritual has nothing to do with fancy eggs or $17 french toast. Brunch drinks, my friends. Brunch drinks. More specifically, the ever-versatile Bloody Mary. When I am really honest with myself, without something tasty to sip on, eggs are just breakfast. And sometimes, especially following a particularly “spirited” Saturday night, public appearances before mid-afternoon on Sunday can be … challenging.

That being said, WHAT IF … hear me out here … WHAT IF, I were to forego said outing, and enjoy my own, fancy-pants, custom, (BOTTOMLESS!) Blood Mary bar, in the comfort of my own home? PJs + couch + dog + football +Bloody Mary bar … think about it. It’s perfect. So perfect, it had to happen. Allow me to share with you the beauty of my own, personal DIY Bloody Mary bar – and read on for some ideas on how you can construct one of your own.

bloody 7I think it goes without saying, a high quality vodka is a must when concocting the perfect Bloody Mary. Let me tell y’all about Zodiac Vodkaa handcrafted, gluten-free American potato vodka, new to the market and hailing from Idaho. I can honestly say that I have not been this excited about a new spirit discovery in a long time. Zodiac is silky smooth with such a clean finish, you can literally sip it. Apparently this is attributed to the fact that Zodiac uses 100% pure water from the Snake River Aquifer, which is then filtered using hand cut Canadian Birch Charcoal. According to Zodiac, this process results in a naturally sweet, pure, gluten free, and distinct tasting vodka. I tend to agree. I used Zodiac Vodka for my Bloody Mary bar, and I suggest you do, too. You will not be disappointed.

Secondly, you are going to need to hook yourself up with an exceptionally tasty Bloody Mary mix. With so many delicious options on the market these days, there really isn’t a need to make one from scratch. Take for instance Powell & Mahoney’s Bloody Mary MixThis classic “vintage” take on the Bloody Mary (recipe circa 1926!) is deliciously thick and robust. Mildly spicy, it serves as a perfectly delicious base- tasty enough to drink undoctored, but mild enough to be highly doctor-able. Powell & Mahoney’ s Bloody Mary mix was cast in the starring role in my Bloody Mary bar – and I highly recommend you give it a screen test in yours.

Now, let’s get started …

  • Make sure you have a respectably-sized glass.  No one likes a tiny Bloody Mary … or one that’s hard to stir.
  • First, rim your glass with something delicious. Penzey’s Prime Rib Rub is a great option; use lime juice instead of water to make it stick.
  • Fill your glass 3/4 full+ with ice.
  • Fill the glass 1/3 full+ with vodka.
  • Top with Bloody Mary mix.  (Don’t fill it too far or you won’t have room for the rest!)
  • Let’s talk goodies. This is the fun part. The sky is the delicious limit, and you can get as creative as you want. Here are some suggestions, ranging from the obvious to the outrageous:

Bloody 3


– celery (duh)
– lemon or lime (duh)
– olives (spicy, garlic-stuffed, blue cheese stuffed, etc.)
– pickles (McClure’s are delicious)
– pickled okra/beets/cauliflower/carrots/green beans
– crispy roasted Brussels sprouts
– cooked bacon
– oysters
– pearl onions
– baby shrimp (or hell … make ’em big.)
– jalapeños
– pepperocinis
– marinated artichokes
– capers
– hard boiled eggs
– cheese squares
– ginger



– cracked pepper
– Old Bay seasoning
– celery salt
– Creole seasoning
– garlic powder
– Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
– Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic seasoning blend
– smoked paprika
– cayenne pepper



– Worcestershire sauce (duh)
– pickle juice
– olive brine
– hot sauce
– Sriracha
– BBQ sauce
– horseradish
– Chipotle Tabasco
– steak sauce

My personal philosophy tends to be something along the lines of: the more stuff I can cram into/on top of that glass, the better. So, don’t be afraid to go nuts. And the good news is, if you aren’t satisfied with your first Bloody Mary attempt, you can mosey on over to (*your very own*) kitchen and make another one.

Bottom line: everything tastes better in PJs. Sorry, not sorry, Uptown.

Bloody Mary 5

*I was graciously provided with complimentary products to try from Zodiac Vodka and Powell & Mahoney. Deeeee-licious!*

So I like Bloody Marys (thick ones that you have to chew on).  You know those nasty aerosol perfumes in the grocery store that say “If you like ____, you’ll love this?”  This takes that and blows it up x100.  If you LIKE Bloody Marys, then you’ll LOVE Anvil Pub with they’re hosting F**K BRUNCH, their answer to Dallas’ frou-frou brunch scene.

Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum is quite a bar (I don’t know if I’d dub it a true pub because they don’t serve real snakebites).  Bikes hanging from the ceiling, bartenders with five different colors of hair (that’s just one bartender), and a food menu vegans can even enjoy.  I’ll make the trek down to Deep Ellum with my boyfriend on Tuesdays for half price food, or with friends on a busy Friday for a late-night pizza*.  It’s good for all occasions (except brunch with the future in-laws).

Back to the food … it’s good—no, great—and it’s not typical greasy bar food.  You won’t want to die when you roll back to your car after an appetizer (get the triple dip) and an entree (get anything).  It’s a bit slow, so don’t get food if you’re in a hurry.  (I’m serious.  Good things come in time.)

OK … now … let’s talk about brunch, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be (at Anvil)
Let’s talk about brunch.

Anvil has one of the most unique brunch offerings in Dallas.  Just scroll up … that’s their brunch.  Order from their three-option menu (Bloody Mary, mimosa, or screwdriver), and you’ll be delivered (albeit after 20-30min) a GIANT** mason jar filled with delightful intoxicants with a skewer of delicious and unexpected things to soak it up for $20. Mimosas have actual cinnamon rolls on them, and Bloody Marys have sliders … among many other things.  Oh, did I mention that your brunch comes with a beer kicker?  Yeah … does.

Anyway, do this.  Don’t order too much food if you’re partaking in F**K BRUNCH, as you really don’t need much more.  (Oh Hey Dallas and I ordered a pizza and chicken fingers and hardly touched any of it.)

Enjoy … and say hi to the Holmans while you’re there … because they’re awesome.

2638 Elm St, (Deep Ellum)
(214) 741-1271

*Try getting a Russian Roulette Bullet … one piece is sprinkled with pepper for $0.50.  What a deal? 
**Mustard bottle included in picture for comparison.

research this

Incredibly hungover, I slung myself out of bed to vacate my house for a showing that was to arrive within the hour (p.s. shameless plug: if you’re looking for a townhouse in University Park – I have one for sale!).  Luckily, I had a brunch at R+D Cafe to occupy my mind and motivate me to get dressed despite my pounding headache (I had forgotten to take The Hangover Cure again … you’d think I’d learn).

Upon arrival, we had a reservation and actually had to wait (that’s a good sign – follow the crowd to the good food, right?).  Looking around, I was reminded of the incredible meals I’d had in this restaurant on previous occasions and my stomach grumbled, begging for the gastronomic orgasm that it knew was imminent.  Any restaurant by the developers of Houston’s is worth it’s weight (in drinks).

Sitting down, drinks were ordered to serve as the hair of the dog – we were delighted that there were drink specials for brunch.  I ordered a bloody mary and sat back in anticipation.  When the drinks came … well, to say the least it was an expectation hangover.  Their bloody mary tasted like cocktail sauce with a touch of clam and was pretty thin and had big chunks of peppercorn.  Usually, a little clam juice is fine, but this just wasn’t right.  The waitress told us that they make their own BM mix … and that answered my question.  I ordered a screwdriver and the waitress was nice enough to take the offending drink off the bill.

All of the other drinks we ordered were delightful and strong enough to make a difference.  The food was fantastic as was expected.  Definitely try some of their mango sushi and the dips – the meals are large so be prepared to roll yourself to your car after a meal.  Watch how much you order, it adds up quickly.

The atmosphere is very older Park Cities mixed with the more laid-back and obviously hungover young Dallasites.  The decore of Cafe R+D is delightful – modern and clean and has just the right amount of pretension.

Sadly there isn’t a happy hour here, but they are “researching” a new strategy: any alcoholic drink that comes in a regular glass is $8 and anything in a martini glass is $9.  I can’t decide how I feel about that but … it is what it is.

Drink strength: 3
Overall: 4

R+D Kitchen (or Cafe R+D)
8314 Preston Center Plaza Drive | 214-890-7900


ALL DAY EVERY DAY | $8 all drinks, $9 martinis
Saturday & Sunday | til 4 p.m. | $4 bloody mary, mimosa, greyhounds, and screwdrivers

villa-oh my gosh, yum

This organic cafe knows how to do brunch!  I’ve been known to lose track of time when at bars, but this was a brunch that lasted 3-1/2 hours.  Let’s be for real, though … how could anyone turn down brunch, nay, brunch with bottomless drinks for a reasonable price?  Definitely not me.

While I waited a hot 2 minutes by the front door for the host to acknowledge me, he was very friendly when he did and led me to a plush booth toward the back of the blue-and-white restaurant.  This restaurant has been host to many-a work dinners and various other meals and events, and I seem to have a completely experience each time.

On a Monday they offer a free 2-course meal (full servings, no kidding) and it will only cost you the tip.  Though you can get caught with this by ordering drinks and dessert, it’s still a fantastic deal.  Get one sfuzzi and your night is made – it’ll get you festive.

Sundays are brilliant because you can mix-and-match.  Having to choose one drink to be your bottomless choice is almost like choosing a husband … one flavor for an entire meal?  No, thanks.  Luckily Villa O is liberal with their choices and their portions.

The food at Villa O is very good and, as I mentioned, the portions are large so an entree can fill you up and leave you enough to take home for a midnight snack.  The bread, though, is the crowning glory of this restaurant.  I could be happy for the rest of my life with their bread basket and bottomless choices.

Drink strength: 3 (except for the sfuzzi which gets a 4.5!)
Overall: 4

Villa O
4514 Travis Street
(214) 780-1880

Sunday | til 3 p.m. | bottomless drinks (your choice of mimosas, sfuzzis, bloody marys, or bellinis) $8 | kids eat free all day
Monday | free 2-course meal
Wednesday | 1/2 price wine
Thursday | $3 drinks for SMU students only

cuba libre

Truth be told, my group was set on Vickery Park for brunch.  Since the wait was going to take quite a while, we took a walk down the street and ducked into Cuba Libre to check out their drink specials.  DING DING DING, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER … $5 bottomless mimosas and bellinis and $5 bloody marys AND their patio is dog friendly (my best friend’s dog, Leo, tagged along for brunch).

We gathered around the table and our waiter took our drink orders (though we could tell the idea of alcohol made him shudder from his activities the night before).  There were so many tempting options on the menu for food we had trouble picking so we made some snap decisions, laid back, and sipped our drinks.

The bellini is frozen and very sweet, one was enough so it was great that they let us switch between the bellinis and mimosas with our bottomless deal.  The first round of bloody marys were had to stomach.  They weren’t very strong and they tasted quite terrible actually.  When the manager came around to check on us, I let him know how I felt about the bloody mary and he apologized.  Two minutes later we saw him run across the street and come back with a bottle of bloody mary mix – what a champ.  Needless to say, round two was much better!

In the future, I’d say that you can’t go wrong with the steak and egg tacos and their delightful blood orange mimosa.  That’s what I’ll be having on my next brunch trip!

Cuba Libre
2822 N Henderson Ave | Dallas, TX 75206

Monday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $2 off specialty drinks, $20 pitchers frozen drinks
Tuesday | all day | 1/2 off frozen drinks
Wednesday | all day | 1/2 price mojito pitches
Saturday & Sunday | until 4 p.m. | $5 bottomless mimosas and bellinis, $4 bloody marys

Blue Goose

Since I first moved to Dallas, I heard rumors of the Blue Goose margarita … and they are all true.  Sunday brunch at Blue Goose was sprinkled with families and hungover “adults” enojoying their hair of the dog.  My personal hair of the dog on this particular day was none other than my favorite drink: the bloody mary.  The boys partook in the margaritas (and numerous ones at that!).

This was no ordinary bloody mary … no sir.  This was a bloody mary crafted by hands that know my every wish and desire for the drink:  thick and spicy with a hint of lime.  Wondering who the master mixologist was?  I’ll let you in on a secret:  Blue Goose let’s you make your own.  The bloody mary spread is complete with five kinds of bases and even offers olives and shrimp (which I don’t recommend!).

The food came in huge, delicious portions and I definitely recommend the queso con todo – I’m a sucker for a taco shell.  My only complaint was that our waiter wasn’t Johnny on the spot; though the rest of the morning was delightful.

Blue Goose Cantina
2905 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206-6240
(214) 823-6786

Monday | 2:30 p.m. – close | happy hour
Tuesday | 2:30-6:30 p.m. | $2 Tecate, happy hour
Wednesday | 2:30-6:30 p.m. | happy hour
Thursday | 2:30-6:30 p.m. | $3 queso, house margaritas, and all beers
Friday | 2:30-6:30 p.m. | happy hour
Sunday | all day | $2 Miller Lite

Penne Pomodoro

Another Sunday, another brunch … and Penne Pomodoro’s rivals the best of them. $1 Bloody Marys, bellinis, and mimosas start any Sunday Funday off the right way!

Many weekend mornings I hear the perverbial siren call of the Bloody Marys at P.P. and never regret answering that call — at least not until I’m immobile from the “fun” at 3 p.m. The strength of the drinks lures me back time after time even though I don’t like Italian food (which I feel says a lot!). If you get the mimosa they will actually bring the bottle of champagne to your table to refill; you usually end up with a glass of champagne with just a touch of orange juice by the end of the meal. The bellinis are delightful frozen masterpieces that cause brain freezes from drinking too heartily.

Sadly, the service isn’t great unless you can find a way to get the older gentleman with the glasses as your waiter (I had to get up to get my own water this past week). The wait staff for the most part is nice, and I always seem to be jealous of whatever adorable outfit the girl at the front is wearing.

Basically, P.P. holds a special place in my heart … especially since it’s close enough for me to walk home after the copious strong and cheap drinks!

Penne Pomodoro


Snider Plaza
Saturday and Sunday | brunch | $1.00 Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Marys with purchase of entrée

Preston and Forest
Monday and Tuesday | evening | 1/2 priced bottles of wine with purchase of entrée
Wednesday | evening | Kids eat free from kids menu with adult purchase of entrée
Saturday and Sunday | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $1.00 Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Marys with purchase of entrée

Tuesday | evening | 1/2 priced bottles of wine with purchase of entrée
Wednesday | evening | Kids eat free from kids menu with adult purchase of entrée
Saturday and Sunday | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $1.00 Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Marys with purchase of entrée


Scene 1:  A bedroom.

{Light up as sun shines through a curtained window.  Zoom in on clock beside bed; 11am on Sunday.  Pan to reveal a hungover Susie waking up.  Dazed, she looks around her room, fluffs her pillow, and initiates Operation: Brunch.  Her iPhone clicks along as texts are sent and a destination chosen.  She gets out of bed and dresses.}

Scene 2:  Hully and Mo.
The large, heavy doors with hockey stick handles set the mood of a rugged sports bar. Inside, plush booths and a shiny bar give it a relaxed, chic feel and make a hangover brunch at the brainchild of Mike Modano and Brett Hull ideal. This particular day a Rangers game was on and the multiple flat screen TVs gave everyone in the party an unobstructed view.

The multiple spicy (and pleasantly potent) bloody marys and bottomless mimosas washed down our breakfast/brunch/lunch choices perfectly while lubricating the conversation. While I think we scared our waitress a little, she served us with a smile and took our jokes with a grain of salt and never let our drinks touch the bottom.

Overall, their patio is a great place to spend a Sunday brunch (even if it was empty) or have a drink before walking across the street to GingerMan. What more could a man want from a sports bar more than good food, good drinks, plenty of TVs, and cute girls?                        … I’d say not much.

Hully and Mo: Restaurant & Tap Room
2800 Routh Street, Ste. 115
Dallas, TX 75201 
(214) 954-0203 

Monday-Friday | 4pm-7pm $2 off cocktails and wine, $2.50 domestic bottles, $3.50 imports, $5 appetizers 
Saturday | 11am-4pm | $2 off cocktails and wine, $2.50 domestic bottles, $3.50 imports, $5 appetizers
Sunday | 11am-3pm | $3 bloody marys, $8 bottomless mimosas