#DrinkingwithSusie: @Natalie_Keinan of The Fashion Hour

I have some really fun friends. I thought the other day that it’s a damn shame that I don’t get to show them off more. Enter: #DrinkingwithSusie! I’ll be hanging out with some of my foodie/fashion/fit friends to bring you fun recipes and introducing you to some Dallas movers and shakers. Stay tuned for more next month!

My first #DrinkingwithSusie victim is Natalie Keinan. I was lucky enough to meet Natalie about a year ago and knew we would be great friends right off the bat because, well … we both love happy hour. Natalie runs the popular fashion and happy hour blog, The Fashion Hour–a lot of fashion and a little booze!


When we got together to make our cocktail, she had requested the following: no tequila, nothing bitter, and something light and refreshing. Oh, and it had to have champagne in it … and she wanted to use the copper pineapple I’d given her for Christmas. (The pineapple just happens to be a part of a gift set offered by Absolut Elyx, and for every one sold they donate a week of clean water to people in need!)

So, what did I come up with? A lotta bit of Elyx, a little coconut water, and plenty of champagne. (And that’s how life should be.)

3 parts Absolut Elyx
1½ parts sparkling wine (I chose Veuve Clicquot)
3 parts coconut water
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part honey syrup
Garnish: Coconut shavings

Either shake or stir the Elyx, coconut water, lemon, and syrup with ice until chilled. Fill pineapple with fresh ice and strain contents over ice. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with coconut shavings. (Bonus: mound shaved ice on top of cubed ice.)

Protip: when pouring the champagne into the pineapple, since it’s opaque, it’s hard to see when the level rises and the sparkling wine can bubble over. To avoid spilling, pour slowly.

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How and when did you decide to start The Fashion Hour?
I created The Fashion Hour in October of 2013 after kicking the idea around for several months and doing a lot of googling. I started it as a creative outlet from my job in corporate America where I would share good deals on clothes I found along with my favorite happy hour spots. It has grown quite a bit since then but both of those topics are still the core of what I write about!

What are you must-have items for Spring?
My must-have items for spring are: a pair of retro sunglasses (I love these clear and tortoise shell Illesteva ones), a straw hat, and turquoise jewelry like this spike bib necklace!


What clothing trends do you see being hot this spring?
Anything off-the-shoulder, frayed denim, necktie scarf/bandana, overalls, fringe, pom poms … is that too much? I also think we are going to see more people investing in replica pieces. It can be all too easy to assume that your favorite designer pieces are just out of reach. However, nowadays, there are some brilliant replica websites like LuxuryTastic where you can find replica pieces based on all the latest designer items. I was actually introduced to LuxuryTastic by a friend of mine who showed me this Luxurytastic review. Feel free to check it out for yourself. Who knows, you might even find a replica alternative to some of the must-have pieces for this spring.

What’s your go-to spring outfit this year?
I always gravitate towards simple and casual so my go-to spring outfit is a pair of skinny or ripped jeans, basic tee, and this suede moto jacket (I seriously wear it over everything).


Where is your favorite happy hour in Dallas?
That is HARD. There’s just so many so it’s impossible to choose a favorite, but I am pretty excited about the new House of Blues patio. Who doesn’t love food and drink specials before a show?!

Follow Natalie around Dallas (and some other fabulous destinations) for her style tips, sale scoops, and, from time to time, boozy recipes!

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Susie-4040Natalie’s Outfit:
Suede Moto Jacket, Nordstrom
Black Skinny Jeans, Nordstrom
Tank, T.J. Maxx (similar: Nordstrom)
Necklace, BaubleBar
Shoes, Nordstrom Rack

Susie’s Outfit (like it matters …):
Denim Dress (similar: Bloomingdales $78, Asos $47.77, Macy’s $62.99)
Flip Flops, Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet, Cartier

Copper pineapple, ReserveBar.com, $98
Copper Japanese Style Jigger, Cocktail Kingdom, $19.95
Copper Barspoon, Cocktail Kingdom, $25.95
Copper Strainer, Absolut Elyx (similar: Cocktail Kingdom, $18.95)
Mixing Glass, Absolut Elyx (similar: Williams-Sonoma, $29.95)
Wooden Muddler, Amazon, $4.09
1oz Glass Bottle with Dropper, Specialty Bottle, $0.84

Photography by Adam Stewart