Essential Liquors for Your Summer Cocktails and Drinks

Written by Matt Smith

Summer is a great time to sit out in the garden, enjoy long, cool drinks, and get together with your friends and family. Many of us love having people over to sit in the garden, enjoy some drinks and food, and just spend quality time chilling out in the warm weather. Serving up cold, refreshing drinks including cocktails is ideal for the summer months and will enable your visitors to enjoy a real treat as well as a refreshing drink. Even if you don’t have guests over, you and your family can enjoy sipping cold drinks outdoors as you soak up the summer sunshine.
Those who spend warm summer evenings making cocktails in their gardens should definitely think about creating their own home bar. No matter whether you find a carpenter that can construct a personalised one to fit your space or it’s a homemade, budget pallet creation, your chosen bar can easily become the highlighting feature of your garden. And if you’ve got some favorite liquors that you want your guests to gawk at, then consider getting a custom bottle glorifier display as well! You can add many alcohol-themed design elements to make your home bar stand out and be the talk of the party. They look professional and the surrounding area can be easily decorated with blankets, throws, or even one of the beautiful neon lights that can be found on sites such as Plus, with all of the tasty cocktails you’ll regularly be making, it will save you many unnecessary trips into the kitchen over the summer!
If you plan to make cocktails and long alcoholic drinks with mixers, it is well worth getting your home bar stocked up. Maybe some people should consider getting some White Claw drinks in ready for the summer. Those drinks are popular in America and are slowly making their way over to other countries too. Luckily, there is no White claw expiration date either if the cans have not be opened. This means that those with home bars can store these cans for a long time. Using something like White Claw would be good for a summer drink. Of course, it wouldn’t be practical to stock it up with every spirit and liquor on the market. However, there are some key ones that you should invest in so that you can create some of the most popular summer drinks.

Alcohol Essentials for Your Home Bar this Summer

If you want to make sure you’re prepared when it comes to creating cocktails and summer drinks for your loved ones or for yourself, here are some of the top alcohol types of purchase for your home bar:

From a relaxing vodka and tonic through to cocktails such as the Pornstar Martini cocktail, vodka is definitely one of the top choices for your home bar. This spirit will no doubt feature in many of the cocktails that you make at home. Even better, you can freeze vodka so when you serve it up it will add an extra touch of ice-cold refreshment to the drink you’re making.

This spirit is another summer bar staple if you want to be able to create sumptuous drinks for yourself or others. Of course, it plays a big part in the classic gin and tonic but you can also use it for creations such as the Tom Collins, the Rickey, and the Pink Lady amongst many others.

White Rum
If you are planning to make some exotic drinks to enjoy this summer, make sure you have a quality bottle of white rum on hand. Drinks such as mojitos and daiquiris are very popular during the warmer months so you will need a touch of the Caribbean to create one that is authentic and delicious for your visitors.

Tequila Slammers, Tequila Sunrise, and Margaritas all require one thing to make them perfect-tequila! Invest in a bottle of good tequila for your summer home bar because there is no doubt you will be creating plenty of great summer cocktails that will require it over the course of the summer season.

One more excellent addition to your summer bar is a bottle of quality bourbon. Cocktails such as the Whiskey Smash are great for those summer evenings out on the patio. Or you can keep it simple and just add soda and ice for a cooling drink.

With all of these bottles to hand, you won’t go wrong this summer when it comes to cocktail creations and long drinks.