My Fit Foods “Pays Fit Forward”

I love being a contributor for Susie Drinks Dallas … it affords me some amazing opportunities to try the most incredible variety (and quantity … ) of  some of the most delightful food and drink D/FW has to offer … and on a pretty frequent basis. In addition to an untold number of delicious things I eat and drink on my own time, outside of the realm of the blogosphere. I think what I’m trying to say is, I end up indulging perhaps a tiny bit more than I ideally should (especially since I am getting married in three weeks and training for a marathon, but that’s neither here nor there). So, when I received an invitation to attend an evening of healthy food and fitness in support of My Fit Foods’ “Pay Fit Forward” campaign, I decided that was probably something I needed to take advantage of.

Bless you, My Fit Foods.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, My Fit Foods is a healthy kitchen concept with 9 stores in the Dallas area. They offer a variety of pre-made meals made with fresh, healthy ingredients, with options that are designed to fit any diet or lifestyle. They offer a number of meal plans, featuring a multitude of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


In honor of North Texas Giving Day, My Fit Foods is “Paying Fit Forward” on Fridays during the month of September. When you purchase a meal on PayFitForward Fridays, you will receive an additional meal for free, which you can elect to give to a friend, or donate to a local food bank. So, while you’re doing something good for yourself, you can share your healthy choice with a friend- or, with a stranger- for free!

In the spirit of sharing healthy habits with a buddy, My Fit Foods hosted a fun partners circuit workout at the store, led by Lea Genders of Running With Ollie. After we worked up a sweat (and an appetite) we were treated to a tasty and healthy meal of our choice from the My Fit Foods kitchen. I chose the “Beef it Up” meal, which consisted of a natural beef tenderloin, accompanied by cauliflower mash and fresh green beans. It was seriously hard to believe this meal, which was plenty filling, contained only 270 calories.

Be sure to PayFitForward on 9/25; if you haven’t checked out My Fit Foods yet, this is a great opportunity for you and a friend to give it a try!

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