Haute Doggery (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas usually means overindulgence, high price tags, and glut.  Sometimes you just need a relaxing meal out of the hustle of The Strip–enter: The Haute Dogger.  This simple and clean quick-serve restaurant on the LINQ Promenade offers a respite from the action and some seriously delicious hot dogs and goodies … and air conditioning, which can come in handy in this 112º desert heat.

While it’s a chance to have something basic in the midst of the overdone, they don’t shy away from the more haute options.  They offer dogs ranging from the basic Undressed Dog all the way to their Billionaire Dog, complete with foie gras serve atop a Kobe beef frank and topped with truffle mayo.  Yeah … that happened in my mouth on my last visit.  Other standouts (though you can’t go wrong here) are The Rising Sun (Kobe beef frank, crispy yam strings, nori furikakte, and tempura avocado) and The Fug-Ghi (char grilled Frank, mushrooms, caramelized onion, gruyere cheese, and truffle mayo).  I’ll just say of what I tried that I was upset that I ate dinner the night before and wasn’t able to eat more than one.  Not kidding.

Perhaps my inability to eat more than one hot dog was also attributed to their classic “Old Vegas Special”, shrimp cocktail that they pedal for just $1 (not kidding), or their delicious crinkle cut fries (with the option to add chili … omg) and poutine side options.  The poutine was surprisingly delicious thanks to the fresh cheese curds and savory brown gravy.

poutine_haute doggery

Lest you think they are all dogs and fries … no, no, no … they also offer burger.  And, my friends, these burgers aren’t your run-of-the-mill bun and patty situation.  Imagine the basic alongside options like the Southern Smokehouse, or “The Perfect Burger” (their quote, not mine) with gruyere cheese, bacon, lettuce, roast tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, and just a dab of marmalade.

burger_haute doggery

I know about a few things … a bit about cocktails, just a tinge about social media things (ahem … my day job), and enough about Vegas to be able to do it well.  That said, trust me on this one.  Spend some time off The Strip on the LINQ Promenade and grab a hot dog, a Sprinkles Cupcake from their ATM, grab a boozy, fresh pressed juice from Squeeze, hitch a ride on the High Roller, and do a bit of shopping.


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3545 Las Vegas Blvd L-30, Las Vegas (on the LINQ Promenade)


Our team was invited in to experience the Haute Doggery free of charge.  All pictures courtesy of the Haute Doggery.