San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2015 Recap & 2016 Teaser

Each January Texas’ most talented mixologists (and those of us that just really appreciate their craft) gather in Alamo City to learn about new cocktail trends and enjoy some general alcohol-fueled merriment … all while raising money for a great cause!  Think seminars, cocktail demonstrations, liquor tastings, pairing dinners, parties … really, just all the best things.  This year will be the fifth San Antonio Cocktail Conference (SACC) and will take place January 14-17 at the newly renovated St. Anthony Hotel … and you can be part of it.

sacc logo

I mentioned the charity aspect … which the bar industry seems to be all about.  The SACC donates 100% of its profits to Houston Street Charities and actually raised $115,000 in 2015 for The Children’s Shelter, ChildSafe, HeartGift San Antonio and Transplants for Children.  Isn’t drinking for a good cause the best way to drink?

The only thing that comes close to rivaling the amazing cocktails slung at the SACC is the food that keeps attendees (close enough to) sober during the festivities.  From sampling at the opening event at the Majestic by local restaurants to oyster shooters at the Houston Street Stroll (which is not to be missed), the food is as almost as clever as the libations they accompany.

This year’s schedule will offer the usual seminars on everything from  the usual industry-focused panels to complex cocktail concepts.  (Be careful … you could end up with five drinks in front of you before 10am … you know, purely for “research” purposes.)  Some of the sessions that I won’t be missing this year include:

While the edification is important, one must not neglect the parties.  (Because people in the bar industry somehow have some terrifying ability to drink until 4am and be fresh alive at 9am to lead their sessions.)  All evening events include cocktails (obvi), amazing local eats, and live music.

Photo Jan 17-3

While i’ve only attended one year, I will be posting a few tips on how to best experience the SACC.  Stay tuned!

Join the fun this year and purchase your ticket now!  If you can’t make it but want to support Houston Street Charities, go ahead and donate!