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Coal Vines Uptown

Walking into my favorite pizza place in Dallas last week, it felt different … and I liked it.  The new menu items sound incredible and the extra seating made me hopeful that I’d never have to face another 45 minute wait for a table!

The pizza at Coal Vines is TO DIE.  My best friend from Austin orders a white pizza (not the white special) to take back with her each time she visits.  Yes, it’s that delicious.

The mimosa was just ok; they didn’t jump on the bottomless bandwagon as so many brunch destinations have so I don’t know if I’d come here just for their drink specials.  Their wine selection is good and they also sell  retail if you want to take it home to enjoy.

The people who dine at this establishment are the Uptown see-and-be-seen type.  They stop here and gobble a pie and guzzle a bottle before hitting the town.  The only problem with that is that every time I eat here, I leave so full that I can’t rally for a fun night out!

Stop in and grab a glass of wine and a pizza; don’t forget to be extra nice to their New York implant, Uncle John at the front door!  Everyone in Dallas should try this place once to know what good pizza tastes like.

Coal Vines Pizza
2404 Cedar Springs Rd | Dallas, TX 75201

Sunday | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | $4 mimosas, poinsettias, Pompelmos, and peach lemonade bellinis


My new favourite bartender, Bill, sent me over to one of the places he serves his potions.  Sadly he wasn’t there, but the drinks were still pretty darn good.  We started with frozen limoncello which reminded me of a drink from childhood but with alcohol – it was tres refreshing.

Allison and I had a couple well drinks and a blanco pizza (YUM!) but were sadly forced to cut the night short.  It was really too darn bad because the ambiance was incredibly relaxing with music was wafting from The Hacienda on Henderson and perfectly crisp air.

This would be a great place to start the night with friends because the patio has large tables and the pizza was easy to share and way too easy to eat more than you should!

Drink strength: 4

Price: 2

Urbino Pizza e Pasta
www.urbinopizza.com | @urbinopizza
2323 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 821-0044

Monday | $3 wells
Tuesday | $2 drafts