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Plucker’s: Addison

After much anticipation, we arrived at the Addison Pluckers “soft opening” to see a line that must have been a couple hundred customers eager for some wings and beer.  There is plenty of parking available around the restaurant in the Village on the Green Shopping Center sparing people from playing parking lot Hunger Games.  All the tables are good size and able to accommodate groups (i.e. plenty of room for multiple plates, Motherpluckers, baskets, AND drinks without feeling like you’re flying coach and have to keep your arms tucked to avoid getting knocked around).  The restaurant is loaded with large flat screens on nearly every wall, facing every direction, making it impossible not to get a good view of the game.  (Sorry, non-sport enthusiasts … yes, we’re listening to you even if we’re not looking at you.)

Being Pluckers virgins, we relied  on our waiters (one trainer & one learning the ropes) for recommendations.  They done good.  (Note, Pluckers doesn’t use table runners or bussers, instead these type of tasks are a basic expectation for all staff which translated into prompt and attentive service throughout your visit.)

We started off with a baskets of Magic Mushrooms, complete with their famous Dirty Bird sauce, and washed them down a signature Pluckers Lemonade for myself (a vodka Lemonade cocktail perfect for a sunny spring day) and a Psychedelic Frog (a 4 liquor, 3 mixer neon green drink) for Katie*.  Both drinks were served in mason jars, which is just cool.  Pluckers’s cocktail menu offers diners better-than-typical drinks you wouldn’t expect to find at a wing-bar, like Toxic Tea (a sweet tea, lemonade, vodka drink), the Batman (made with Austin’s own Tito’s Vodka), Effen Good Bloody Mary, and more.  The drinks were decently strong, and incredibly dangerous.  (Wait, there was a bunch of liquor in that? Someone call Uber.)


For the main event, we ordered a basket of boneless wings with spicy mandarin sauce and the buffalo chicken sandwich.  Among the plethora of places serving wings these days — most of which all I have frequented many times over — the wings really differentiate Pluckers from the others.  The wings themselves were hefty, providing considerably more meat than I was use to getting, and they are perfect glazed in the requested sauce and not drenched or dry fried batter nuggets commonly met with disappoint by wing lovers everywhere.  The wings and sandwich were enjoyed with our second round of drinks, the Batman and the Effen Good Bloody Mary (which seriously lived up to its name).

Bottom line:  This place has good food, GREAT wings, and some unique food options (like the fried Twinkie!) along with decent prices and attentive service.  Drink-wise, they have a variety of “specialty” drink options and plenty of beers on-tap (because: sports + beer = good).  Pluckers is making a (bigger) name for themselves in DFW with more locations opening left and right, and rightfully so! Needless to say, I know where I’m watching the NBA playoffs!

Pluckers Wing Bar – Addison
www.pluckers.com | @pluckers
5100 Belt Line Road, Suite 520 | Addison TX

Daily Specials (full list of this location specials here)
Monday – drink specials/All You Can Eat Wings (every other week)
Tuesday – Texas Tuesdays (drink specials on TX beers and liquors)
Wednesday – Pluckers Club Special (coming soon)
Thursday – Tijuana Thursdays(drink specials on Mexican beers and liquors)
Friday – Teacher Freebie Friday

*Note from Susie: Katie is his beautiful, new bride (of one month).  Send them your congratulations!!

Picture of Motherplucker borrowed from Pluckers!

Pluckers Wing Bar


Pluckers claims that they are the official home of the freshman 15 … mine happened to be the senior 15 since I wasn’t 21 until then to partake in the Wednesday night tradition of the motherplucker.  My life (and my physique) was changed when the daily specials at Pluckers came into my life.

This particular Sunday, I braved the rain with my fearless companion for the evening, Jeff.  We sat and began to contemplate which of the drink specials we would take advantage of first.  I chose the bloody mary to ease in to the night (bad choice, it was incredibly thin and didn’t have any spice) and Jeff went for a Crown on the rocks (a mere $4 for a delightful helping).

imageSince shots were only $2, we decided we had to partake and chose of the twenty-odd shots on the list.  We went for Girl Scout Cookies – delight.  The shots and drinks come with quite a kick to wash down the brilliantly fried food they offer.

Since Pluckers is open late, expect to be entertained by the other patrons and the interesting wait staff.  Sadly, my waitress screwed up my order and the service was somewhat slow, so filled up on french fries and vodka (not a bad night).

Contribution from my guest reviewer, Jeff: there is an abundance of large TVs and it’s a great place to watch a game (or three).  And the motherplucker … is 34 oz.

www.pluckers.com | @pluckers
5500 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 363-9464

Daily Specials:
$3 premium well (Tito’s, Wild Turkey, Bacardi, Sapphire, Dewars)
$4 Crown, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Patron, Don Julio
$3.50 Jager shots

Monday | All you can eat wings $14.99, specialty drink specials
Tuesday | Kids eat free (limit 2! ha!), Texas Tuesdays: $2 Titos, Ziegerbock,Lone Star
Wednesday | TRIVIA!, motherplucker night (basically, a gigantic beer for a tiny price)
Thursday | All you can eat boneless wings $12.99, $2 Margaritas, $2.50 selected Mexican beers, $4 Mexican martinis
Sunday | $2 speciatly shots, $3.50 Jager, $4 Patron Silver