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Henderson Tap House has a lot to offer

Though the “I’d tap that” slogan of Henderson Tap House may conjure images of another classic Dallas dive bar, the upscale interior and swanky cocktail menu will get you to rethink those gym shorts and sweatshirt. But, don’t worry because this place is home to people of all ages, moods, and drink types.

The brick garage-like entrance houses a large, covered patio with long picnic tables and high-tops, which are crucial for the prime outdoor drinking weather quickly approaching. Walk inside and you’ll find leather seats, comfy couches, high tables, and long open seating in the back to accommodate the big crowds that swarm this place. Even though seating can become hard to find at times, Henderson Tap House offers two large, spacious bar areas on either side of the establishment. The place may get packed and depending on what section you are sitting in the service can be slow, but ordering a drink isn’t hard if you go up to the bar. Henderson Tap  House is still fairly new, so I’ll give it a pass for now, but I look forward to when the timeliness of the service matches the charm of the servers and the taste of the indulgent menu.

One of my favorite aspects of this full-service sports bar and restaurant is the tap room enclosed by large glass windows, allowing drinkers to see the vast 50-plus local and craft beers they have to offer. Though, the Revolver Blood & Honey is my normal go-to, I had the opportunity to try three of the restaurant’s popular cocktails.

Wyatt Berry Fizz: Bombay Sapphire gin, fresh lemon and lime juices and raspberry schnapps topped with a splash of soda and served over ice in a pint glass. The gin pairs well with the berry notes of the schnapps to make it refreshing, but not too sweet.

Moscow Bull: Three Olives Citrus, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer in a mason jar. The ginger beer sold me on this cocktail.

Spicy Paloma: Pepe Zevada “Z” Tequila Blanco tequila, fresh lime, jalapeño juice, sliced jalapenos, agave nectar and grapefruit juice served over ice in a pint glass. The bar’s version of a margarita, this drink was not my favorite because I am a margarita snob after trying most of Dallas’s favorite cocktail. The jalapenos bring a little kick, but the spice didn’t balance well with the other flavors.

Henderson Tap House is a prime location for large groups and individuals that are looking to stick around for a while. The food menu is extensive with dishes like wood-fired pizza, fish tacos, lobster mac n’ cheese, and even warm cookies with a shot of milk. The full menu is offered until 10:30 p.m. nightly, and the pizza oven keeps burning until 1:30 a.m.

Whether you are looking to catch a game, chow down, grab a drink, dance, party with strangers, or enjoy the sunny weather on the patio, this place is your destination. Keep it classy … or get a little weird with their “Upside Down Rodeo Clown”.

There’s a new kid in town.  Well, not so much a new kid as a clone of a kid that goes to school across town.  The owner of Pour House in Fort Worth, Eric Tschetter, brought his sports bar concept to Oak Cliff for the cliff dwellers and Kessler Theater goers.  It’s the perfect place for you southies to hang out and watch a game on one of the many TVs while snacking and … well, drinking.

PhD is deceptively large with a patio, bar, and restaurant area.  The patio has a lot of promise.  It’s: a) huge, b) decked out with TVs, and c) going to be screened in.  I can already imagine all of the great summer brunches I’ll be spending there with $1 mimosas in-hand.

The food (which we got to try a nice sampling of tonight), was great for bar food.  I’d recommend the Red Pepper Penne Pasta, Baja Fish Tacos (oh muh guh), and the buffalo wings.  Everything we had tasted like real food, not frozen fried things like most sports bars serve.

PhD’s drink options include local beers (think Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Rahr, and the brand new 4 Corners), the usual suspects (Bud, Blue Moon, etc.), a handful of wine options, and a full bar.  I enjoyed a couple Jacks on the rocks and the pours were quite generous.  Their cocktail menu hasn’t been finished yet, so stay tuned to hear about drink options.

Expect an update when their cocktail menu gets sussed out … but for now, head on down to Oak Cliff to catch a game if you’re tired of the crowded Uptown sports bars (because sometimes it’s nice to be able to order a beer and actually get it when you want it and not 20 minutes later).

get stone-d with an elephant

For months on the way to my gym, I saw the promise of a new sports bar.  The large sign that stated Stone Elephant would soon open was exciting beyond belief … and I hate to say that it was mostly because I loved the name.  So I ventured in.

The food is pretty darn good and the drinks were alright.  I’d made the decision to give up fried food but seeing the goodies on the menu, I couldn’t pass trying some of the dee fried goodness up.  Definitely try the chips; they are made in-house and delicious.  Sadly, we didn’t venture into any drinks other than wells because … well, it’s a sports bar.  Make sure you specify what drink had when you reorder because, while the waitresses are incredibly nice and efficient, they are spread thin.

There were quite a few happy hour-goers of all types and ages (some are pretty darn attractive at that).  To tell the truth, I wouldn’t have minded meeting a few of my fellow drinkers at Stone Elephant – it seems a whole different group than I have seen around; some were older, some were younger, some had tattoos, some had suits, and some were suited up and bald.

The decor was simple and quirky; there were spots in the walls, ceiling, and bar where we were told the stone elephant ran amuck.  There is a stage for live music, plenty of televisions, and a pool table in the back.  Overall, a typical sports bar with an atypical location and plenty of fun to be had.

Drink strength: 2.86 (sometimes a girl can’t go with a multiple of .5!)
Overall: 4

Stone Elephant
www.stoneelephant.com | @Stone_Elephant
6750 Abrams Rd. #105 | Dallas, TX 75231 

Happy Hour | Monday-Friday | 4-7 p.m. | $2.50 wells, domestic drafts, and domestic bottles, $4 house wine
Thursday | ladies night | $3 cosmos and appletinis, karaoke
Sunday | all day | $2.50 wells, domestic drafts, and domestic bottles, $4 house wine

press box grill

I am writing while at the bar … this is the first review I’ve written in the moment.  Thanks to their free WiFi, it’s a cinch.  This is one of the more relaxing reviews I’ve done.  Case and point: my sister and I are kicking our feet up after long days at our respective offices; she’s opening her mail and I’m writing this review.  This place is certainly a no-pressure zone – and being downtown, that’s a blessing.

Parking is somewhat tough to find but if you do, meters aren’t active so you get to park fo’ free.  WOOHOO, more money to spend on drinks.

We just ordered our meal:  supreme queso blanco and house salad with sun-dried tomato vinegarette dressing – I’ll report back and let you know how they are.  It took us a while to get our order in because the wait staff isn’t extremely attentive; but they get the job done.

As for the drinks you order … make sure they have what you want before you order.  My friend ordered three differed beers and they didn’t have the first 2.  It’s all about expectation vs. delivery.

If you’re here to watch a game, you’re in for a good view; there are flat screens all over the bar and restaurant with various news shows and games on.  AND if you go to the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about missing anything; there are TVs in the bathrooms!  If your game of choice isn’t on, just ask and they’ll change it for you.

(P.S. the food was good.)

Drink strength:  3.0 
Overall:  3.9

Press Box Grill
1623 Main Street (at Elm and Ervay) | (214) 747-8226